5 Sleights for the Rest of Your Life

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by kmagic25, May 16, 2010.

  1. wow, i cant believe i haven't seen this one listed....

    gravity half pass
    double lift

    if i had another 3 i would include
    convincing control (probably dan and dave version)
    top change
    and lastly clipshift
  2. If I was really pressed to list only five card sleights, I would go with

    1) overhand shuffle control
    2) double lift
    3) A good force (the classic force is great)
    4) A top palm
    5) A good pass (The classic pass is good if you can do it indetectably, but other varieties can be good substitutes in some situations).

    These five sleights will let you do a number of good tricks including many blockbusters that will knock your audiences out. However, if you restrict yourself to just these sleights, you are missing out on a lot of good card magic.

    I will also take the liberty of adding 5 other sleights that I think are extremely important

    6) Spread cull
    7) A good bottom deal
    8) A false shuffle
    9) A side steal
    10) A table faro would be priceless if you can master it :)
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    Multiple Turnover
    Top Change
    Gambler's Cop
    Classic Pass

    Honestly I don't find five sleights to be very limiting at all. I could rework almost everything in my card repertoire to fit these five moves. And everyone should have the cull on their list--it's a control, a force, an out, and can be used to invisibly set-up the deck.
  4. Surly this thread is a bit off as isn't a slight defined everything you do not want your audience to be aware of. A slight such as the double lift or pass is normally made up of tiny sections but they are slights none the same. A pass can be broken down into many parts, if any of these flash the audience can catch you out. So if five 'general slights' were named the amount of total motions, slights, may be over 20 maybe thirty each has to be invisible.

    When you first started out how many times were you caught out controlling a card because you flashed the break.

    Just a thought
  5. I get your point, but would disagree with your definition of a sleight. I wouldn't call a pass five different sleights, for example, although a pass itself contains many moves. But the sleight is the culmination of those motions.

    Although there would be legitimate cause for debate about the definition of sleights, just not in the way you're thinking of - for example, clocking. Arguably a technique, not a sleight.
  6. 1. Double Lift
    2. Pass
    3. Dog ear crimp control
    4. Palm
    5. Bottom deal (I am still lame at it but practice makes perfect)
  7. Why are you surprised? Compared to to other sleights, not many effects make use of a half pass.
  8. Mechanics Shift(Its a move that can be a control to the top or bottom, a top palm, a bottom palm ,a change, and other awesome things)
    Double lift
    Cardini change
    Top Change
    Side Steal
  9. i would go crazy... i dont like to be limited in anything :p~ but i guess im no fun ;\ lol
  10. Flip Over Top Change (Original)
    Push Off Double Lift
    Classic Pass
    Ego Change
    Overhand Shuffle Force
  11. I would stick with the basics:

    1) Color Change
    2) Multiple Turnover
    3) False Count
    4) False Shuffle
    5) And if all of these fail, I would bust out my Danny Garcia nunchuck skills.

  12. Here is the list of TOP notch sleights...how could you pick any other?

    In order of awesomeness:

    1) The Glide
    2) The "Cut Deeper" Force
    3) Clip Shift
    4) Ego Change
    5) Sybil

    As for the worst...I would go with:

    1) Top Change
    2) Palm
    3) Cull
    4) Glimpse
    5) Double Lift...or a jog shuffle, really hard call.
  13. Say what now? You'd go with a flourish and a color change...my mind is exploding. Could you elaborate a wee bit more, I am either failing to see sarcasm, or failing to understand your logic.
  14. yeah, me too. I'm hoping this is a sick joke.
  15. Pretty funny to read some posts. Just shows that even if they dont conciously knows it they performes a lot of moves because they feel good to them, not because they are the greatest most practical.

    Seriously, 5 sleights only would be no problem.

    1. The pass = Card control to the top and the bottom, A color change, A vanish, A false cut, a peek.

    2. Double lift = Card switch, can be used to reverse a card in the deck, can also be used as a control if the effect allows you to see the card.

    3. A force = Well, the possibilitys are endless.

    4. Overhand shuffle control = Can control cards to the bottom, to the top or to ANY possition in the deck you want.

    5. A good false shuffle = Well there is a lot you can do with a good false shuffle, also if your working with stacks that you can do miracles with its good to know.

    Sure there would be some effects that you could not do, but with the enormous amount of material that is available, would that really be a deal breaker?
  16. Ambitious riser
    Diving Board double
    One hand center deal

    On a more serious note

    Double lift
    Any type of force
    Any effective color change
    Any control or shift.
  17. Ha...obviously.
  18. I think I'd go with:
    a double lift (just for originality)
    an injog
    a peek
    lateral palm
    top change

    Might have to try this at some point actually. Try and get together a few routines that actually only use these five sleights, to see if I actually could.
  19. -Double Lift
    -The Gravity Half Pass
    -The Top Change
    -The Cull
    -Cardini Snap Change

    I believe that learning a few moves really well is better than learning many moves half way through.
  20. Hm.

    Gambler's Cop
    Classic Pass
    Four For Four
    Double Lift.

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