A problem with Card to Mouth by Dan and Dave!

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by MagicDude007, Jun 18, 2009.

  1. ok guys so heres another post from me and this time i've got a problem.......each time i perform the effect card to mouth by dan and dave people are not that surprised or shocked...n i do perform it pretty smoothly.....i dont know y..!!please reply!!

  2. How do you know they're not impressed, surprised or shocked?

    Perform for a trusted friend or family member who can give critical advice and see what they have to say.
  3. Its not the trick, its the presentation.

    Work on your patter, and maybe have a small routine that leads into card to mouth, like an ACR.
  4. That's weird.My best reactions are from this effect.It's probably a problem with the presentation or you just didn't pick up that kind of an audience.
  5. Here's what I like to do I draw everyone in... I say
    "Look, I'm going to let you in on the secret..."
    What spectator doesn't want to know the secret?

    "I use this thing called Misdirection, you may of heard of it"
    Again, it's like I'm telling them the secret, I love thinking abou this so much, I tell them what I'm doing, and then I do it right in front of them :D

    "Keep your eye on this card, don't let me misdirect you...."
    Then go into the C2M. lol. Like I said, I love doing things where I tell people I'm going to do something and then do it in front of them.

    Any problems just give me a shout.

    CHeers, Tom
  6. i think is your presentaion, the trick itself can really give a WOW effect..
  7. Than you have to work on the Pattern.
    And really let your Eyes stay on the deck, dont look at there faces while you put it in your mouth.

    You'll get awesome reactions.
    I remember yesterday the policed closed down a party I was at and I did my Card to Mouth Routine drunk... still great reactions. The cops liked it.:D
  8. Maybe you're trying to pull it off too fast? keep everything smooth. Usually, I do this as a closer to the ambitious card and at that point, most are like "how/why is that happening?" My patter at that point is usually, "Look, alright, I'll do this as faily as possible. Just watch the card go in the whole time (just don't emphasize the word watch)." I close the fan in a flourishy way and hit the top of the deck, usually, they're so confused, looking at the deck, that they'll eventually look at you. Like I said, don't go too fast, spectators, especially intuitive spectators, will be able to sense when you move, so draw them in. I hope that helped a little...
  9. thnxs so much guys

    thanks a lot guys this stuff really is good....you people give nice advice!!
  10. This trick has gotten some of the best reactions so far.
    It is almost fully presentation.
    There are also a few things which I just add to make it more aesthetically pleasing.

    I use it as the end of my ACR.
    I do very simple double lift phases, each implying that it was misdirection. They soon get very bugged that they dont catch it so they really want to burn the deck. I then just go into the C2M. by the time they realize it, the impact is just amazing. It is one of the most surprising moments you can give.

    I dont perform 100% like Dan and Dave. I dont like a few things. I dont like the use of Simon Lovell's Floop, and I dont like how they talk later on.
    I use a simple merlin tip over add on, and I dont talk after the card is in my mouth. Talking gives it a bit away.
  11. its the presentation. i do the version from born to perform card magic. and that is a killer!. people always ask me to do it again.
  12. For my presentation I think that the trick is enough to the point were I dont have to even talk and when they realize what has happen they freak out.

    All I do is show their card, put it in the middle, do the move, close the fan on to the other packet untill they look up.

    hope this helps :)
  13. What do you do to pass from ACR (or another trick) to C2M without making noticeable that you are searching in the deck those cards that you need to do C2M.

  14. I think he means Card to mouth (C2M) not 2 card monte (2CM)
  15. yea....
    card to mouth bro... read the thread haha
  16. This is probably one of my most performed effects.
  17. when I performed at my school and when i perform on the streets, i always get a loud scream when they see it. I think it's your presentation, jut like almost everyone said. Don't do the "dan and dave monotone" style, try and make it more exciting, that way it IS a magical moment for them.

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