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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Luis Vega, Jan 14, 2011.

  1. Hello Everyone

    So I recently started to learn mentalism...and It`s great...I am so excited...anyway to the point...I want to include a memorized deck in my mentalism act..
    I designed an exercise to accomplish it...I make a riffle to a shuffled deck so I can see the Indexes and I am starting by memorizing 5 cards...each week I add 2 more cards...so in some months I maybe be able to memorize at least half-deck..what do you think of this? do you think it will work?

    Thanks for your time!!
  2. I memorize 2 decks a day as practice for memory skills, i learnt how to do this on monday and wednesday night down the pub someone asked me to try it out, they shuffled the deck and i told them to give me a bit of time to remember it. that took 20 mins to have the whole deck stuck in my head and i was having random people shout out numbers at me that correspond to the deck and was telling them exactly what card it was. now i can learn a whole deck in 10 mins but still want to improve on this.

    This is all taught in Derren Browns Trick of the Mind book.


    I reccommend this greatly as its a great read but dont just skip to the memorizing a deck section, read the whole memory section as this sets up the rest, plus there is some great memory skills to learn in there anyway.
  3. Also check out Lorayne's How To Develop A Super Power Memory.
  4. Any method you create to memorize is great. As long as you have found something that works, then by all means, use it.

    If you want to look at what others have come up with as far as effects are concerned with stacked decks, then I think you should check out Bob Cassidy's memorized deck. It is included in his DVD titled "Mental Miracles". Bob Cassidy has been performing mentalism for a considerable amount of time and he knows what he is talking about. The DVD itself is worth every penny as each effect he teaches is outstanding. Not everyone enjoys his performance style, but we all know is not the style we are learning, its the "gold" we are after.

    I have been performing his version of the memorized deck routine in my stage show for sometime and it has paid off. So if you have the means, I think you should take a look. Enjoy.

  5. As much as i've wanted to do something like it i can't.
    If i do a memory feat i usually have a system to help memorize the deck. Matthew Mello has a nice effect about it and i've just taken it and made it to fit a whole deck.

    Non the less if you go through with this you are in for a treat.
    PS. If you want to talk mentalism you can hit me up with a PM, i'd be happy to get my creative juices flowing again. :)

  6. With memory demonstrations I am very on the fence. I love the concept however its more a demonstration of skill rather than the unexplainable demonstration like all the other pieces in my show.

    I would much rather do something like the amazing memory demonstration as it seems more impressive.

    As far as your method I would recommend using sleights if you wanted to do an impressive impromptu card memory demo.
  7. Hello Everyone...

    Thanks for the amazing responses so far...

    I decided something...based on all the responses...I am gonna learn to memorize the deck, but due to time restrains I am going to rely on a stacked deck in an actual performance (and when I say time restraints I mean, the time it takes to memorize the deck, not that I have a perfomance close)

    I do have Cassidy´s book..it´s great by the way...anyway...I want to learn this ability because I want to increase my memory and it would look amazing in an impromptu situation or just to have one more thing to learn...

    again..thanks for your time!!
  8. my friend memorize 1 card a day so probably in within a month you can have a genuine memorize deck in your mind..
    you can learn from juan tamariz book, i forgot what the title but its good to have it with you.

    personally im not a big fans of memorize deck..my brain almost "memory full" status..

    hope can help.
  9. Luis learn some sleight of hand.

    Dave Forrest has a really nice version that requires a peek and some culling.

    There is a performance of it on YouTube somewhere.

    It was a combination of that effect and Patrick Redfords in triangle that is what one of my memory demos is based on.
  10. as mentalists, do you guys do cold reading? if you guys do can you guys recommend some books or other materials too?
  11. I do a lot of cold reading. Personally I agree with the belief that Corinda shares in the 13 Steps, one could read all the books on cold reading and not still not be as accomplished as someone with a natural gift to do cold reading.

    Craig has a free PDF suggesting where to look I would recommend this and pick up a few books on his list.
  12. I do have a very good degree of sleight of hand...I was thinking to make something like Oz Pearlman Perfection, but instead of deal the cards, name them...and using the same method
  13. One of the best ways to memorize a deck is to learn a peg system - Harry Lorayne's memory books are great for learning how to do this.

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