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  1. its understandable dude.
    And ill most likely not make one. im not much of a card guy. ill do something like stigmata or do cardistry. but other than that i like using coins, rubber bands, and really anything that i can do a trick with.
  2. I have one but I never use it. I usually do Flourishing or flourishy magic.
  3. That's not an ACR. That's Torn & Restored Transpo by David Williamson. One of the best card effects ever.
  4. I actually am not a big fan of the ACR, I used to perform it all the time and it is a great effect, I lost interest in it after a while
  5. Ah, but can you not tag it on the end of an ACR?

    And yes... it's flippin' amazing.
  6. I've always liked ending an ACR with a deck vanish. Personally, I think creating a personal ACR is a lesson that any card magician should undergo. I learned so much about how to get a card into a specific position right under a spectator's nose, so to speak, by designing an ACR. You also learn about flow, about attention span limits, etc.

    It's kind of like cups and balls, in a way. I can't remember who, but someone said that when you really learn the cups and balls, you learn everything there is to learn about magic. Misdirection, sleight of hand, routining, etc. ACR is the same way. It's one of those all-over effects.
  7. i am developing my ACR, its bland, i rarely do card tricks as of late...but i think my ACR is getting better....however it is essential to have some type of ACR performance.....
  8. Why is it essential to have an ACR performance
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    Even if you don't perform it, it's a good way to learn structure in the way of routines and effects. It's excellent for learning how to be one ahead of a spectator as well. Every phase can be different and surprising, as well as impossible. Finding an ending is usually the hardest part. Braue's Pop-up move is a great ending, as is card to impossible location.

    You have to change the reason the card moves for card to impossible location, but it can work.

    If you don't want to make an ACR routine, then don't. If you decide to, make it your own.

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