Aaron Fisher - Removed from the 1-on-1 section?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by magicmaster, Oct 11, 2009.

  1. I just noticed this and I didn't know if you guys did or not. But why are all of Aaron Fisher's 1on1's removed from the 1on1 section??
  2. as are lee ashers.
  3. why is this?
    i like those 1 on 1's but didn't get the chance to buy them.
    we should all pm jb.
  4. I think it is because their contract with Theory11 has expired.
  5. there have been topics on this already, in which this question has been answered.

  6. that's kind of sad I was really hoping for more Aaron Fisher 1 on 1's :( He's a great teacher.
  7. Why are so many artists leaving Theory 11? I don't really get it. I've heard a bunch of ideas but no solid answers. Are other magicians starting to get mad at Theory 11 for some reason?
  8. contracts are made.And they have to end.
    Doesnt mean they are "leaving". Its a business thing.
  9. At the end of their contracts, Aaron decided to remove all his content from T11. Lee Asher decided to remove his 1 on 1's, but keep Witness. That's just their decision. Whatever.


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