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  1. I like! Good work Aaron.

    Who's the guy holding the sign-up box though?

    He looks familiar...

  2. Can't wait for the Secret Weapon.. Im excited.. :p
    Nice work with the new website. :)
  3. That is such a huge improvement. Great site.
  4. Yeah, I saw it before. It's ALOT better than his last one.
  5. I'm not going to rant, but I believe there is already a topic.
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  7. This is a VERY nice website. Congrats, Aaron! and good luck with the web site makeover.
  8. Awesome site can n ot wait for search and destroy!
  9. Check out the new magic on my site!

    Thanks for all the kind words boys! The BRAND NEW http://www.aaronfishermagic.com site is now live, and ready
    for you to check out. Make sure to see:

    * The NEW trailer for my upcoming release, Search and Destroy
    featuring The Nowhere Pass.

    * The NEW trailer for The Secret Weapon, my new trick.

    *The NEW trailer for the Paper Engine: Tension, Focus and Design in
    Card Magic. Those of you who own the book will definitely want to
    see the demos in this trailer.

    'Search and Destroy' and 'The Secret Weapon' will both be available
    for purchase on March 17th. We'll be adding new material to the site
    between now and then - I'll keep you posted as new information becomes

    Go check out the new look, the new goodies, and drop me a line to
    let me know what you think. We've been working on this a very long
    time - I hope you like it.

    You'll find the site, as if you didn't know, at:

    See you there,

  10. Thanx Aaron.
    But I do have one big favor to ask: Can you also make a Instant Download for the tricks that do not need gimicks? Like search and destroy..
  11. Site looks fantastic. And the trailer for Search and Destroy is also amazing.
  12. Yeah, I cant wait to read Paper Engine when it arrives, also cant wait to read up on Search and Destroy in there, looks great.
  13. I remember buying Secret Weapon at his lecture a year(?) ago, awesome effect, simple powerful and potentially highly entertaining (remember kids, it's not the trick that gets the reactions, it's you).

    - Sean
  14. *Bookmarked page* ;)

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