Ace Design (Cleaner?)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ReapingDevil, Nov 16, 2008.

  1. Make a good back design :D

    Oooops, did I just double post???? :p
  2. Very nice, even better than the last one (which was pretty awesome). I think it's good that you took the wings off the spots under the A's by the way. I really like this one. A lot.
  3. Hum...I like the initiative, but it still doesn't look like something I would use, simply by personal preference! I would have liked to see the ace of spades withought the chains or wings, refined a little.

  4. lol, thanks tumble weed and everyone else.

    @Gustav : so....what would u like? personal preference though right? cuz ive never seen a deck with chains, only wings.
  5. holy serious? =.= i havent met any that go on theory11 face to face. well, only one.

    Edit : sorry for double posting ><
  6. If you recall I made the suggestion in the first thread that you fix the slant in the picture. I see that you worked that out. However, one bit of advice... I noticed that the wing on the left is not very symetrical to the one on the right. This may have been done on purpose but it is simply something I noticed.

    By the way if you were to draw an immagic of a heart, club, diamond, spade, with not too much detail. A very detailed card back design. and a A 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 J Q K. Then you could send these to T11 or to E and they possibly may by them and make them into cards to be sold. Might, be worth a shot...

    Dylan P.
  7. thats an idea. maybe after a couple of more designs ill do it.

    yeah, i fixed the slant. the wing on the left is suppose to be a wing of a devil, and the right is suppose to be one of an angel.

    btw, whats ""immagic"?
  8. "Image" sorry my fault. Anyway, nice photo...

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