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  1. So the idea is to collect all the basic and a bit beyond it into one thread so I and everyone else can keep track on what you have learned and what you should learn next.

    What should I say now? I mean sleights like Charlier cut, thumb fan etc etc. You can list tricks like Chicago opener, Ambitious card routine or so.. which does NOT require endless amount of sleight of hand. I've been doing magic over a year now and can do Tivo 2.0 for an example but I can't still master the very basic LEPAUL SPREAD.

    So why I'm asking to list these things? As said in the form of lepaul spread, I think every magician should be able to do ALL THE BASIC sleights and flourishes before advancing to the next level and do things like molecule hollywood. I feel that I've skipped some things and now I'm trying to fix that. I hope you guys understand how I feel and respect to u guys out there. Peace from Finland!
  2. Good idea. Although I wouldn't call the Charlier Cut a sleight. Sleights would be something more along the lines of double lift, classic pass, etc... moves that you don't want your spectator to ever see. skillful deception as the dictionary would define it. there could be another section for flourishes and whatnot.
  3. Yeah like AsherF said by sleights i mean moves like charlier cut and the "real sleights" like classic pass.. so list 'em.. i'm trying to list some of them after a while but if all of u post a bunch we're more likely to get a better list of those moves.

  4. Charlier Cut started out as a sleight way back when Charlier was doing it. It was a secret move that the audience wouldn't see (misdirection is awesome), but in current times it really has become just a flourish. But it doesn't have to be, just another tool, and it can be used in a variety of ways.
  5. Mechanics Grip
    Biddle Grip
    Double lift
    double turnover
    classic pass
    top change
    top palm
    one hand top palm
    false cut
    false shuffle
    color change (classic, shapeshifter (such))
    some kind of control (overhand shuffle) using a jog
    multiple card shift (hindu, cherry)

    i think thoes are main basic slights you should know. there are variation
  6. I've now listed some and here they are:

    Double lift
    Classic pass

    Snap change
    Cardini change

    Cuts & Flourishes:
    Charlier cut
    Thumb fan
    LePaul spread
    Pressure fan

    Full tricks & routines:
    Ambitious Card Routine
    Chicago Opener
  7. Yeah there are some good ones but I'd really appreciate if you and others after you could be more specific on those "false cut" "false shuffle" "fan" "spread" etc. You could mention different kind of fans like i did.. Thumb fan, Pressure fan, LePaul spread etc.. thanks ;)
  8. One handed top palm, once you learn that 'Card to Pocket.' I do not know who to credit that effect to.

    Culling cards is a useful skill to have, once you master that combined the top palm you can have a thought of card vanish and appear in someone else's pocket.

    Gamblers Cop I do regularly, side jogs, out jogs, other jogs. Then a good side steal is wonderful to have in your arsenal. A good color change or two is great to get attention, standard shuffling like overhand shuffles and controls are useful to know. Hmm what else do I think a beginner card magician should know? *scratches underside of muzzle*

    Oh here is a tip, pick up the book "Expert at card technique" Read it all the way through, note the sleights and routines in it that seem valuable to you, and learn them.

  9. in all my magic, i have barely ever used a back palm.
    check out born to perform card magic.
    that has some good cuts.
    i do a sybill but there are others. basic 3 packet cuts
  10. More posts please? :) I've started training some of the moves listed on this thread but I know there's plenty more.

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