Amazing battle any card trick!!! Open Voting

Oct 14, 2007
Hey guys,

Ryan fox here, i wanted to let you know that the any card trick no rules is now open for voting. So check it out below and make sure to vote!

Also on a side note, if anyone has any feedback please share it here in this thread. I love the battles but i am more excited about what you guys have to think. Not just for me but for aceking26 too.


Ryan Fox

Luis Vega

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Mar 19, 2008
Leon, Guanajuato Mexico
I gave this to Ryan Fox, because the other one look to me as a very common sandwich effect but with 3 cards

and the "TURURURU" part made me lost interest in the video sorry

Tacked was pretty good!! well executed, but for the next time you should have the tacks prepared near you, there´s no need of a patter as the trick is good by itself
Jun 1, 2009
Ryan got my vote, good job. You knew what you were saying and there was *almost* no uneccassary movements.

aceking-too much snapping, make sure you have all the gestures and patter down as well as the slights in the effect. Also try to make the reveal a bit more dramatic, try to build up more tension. It wasnt terrible, but it could use improvement. (Then again,we all have room for improvement :) )

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Dec 30, 2009
ryan i have to ask did you use video editing? i cannot figure yours out, i dont wanna know how you did it unless there was editing, tho you probably wouldnt tell me if there was, thats amazing tho, i saw criss angel do the same sort of thing twice once with a deck and a ski pole and once with many decks loaded into his hummer then a knife thown at them i just cant figure this stuff out, maybe i just dont know enough yet, simply amazing
Oct 14, 2007
Hey there,

There was no video editing involved with this trick i have done this live up on stage and it just blows an audience away.

I plan on shooting this live so make sure to check out my youtube channel for future updates.
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