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  1. So as some of you may already know I've become obsessed with the Angle Zero plot. So, regardless of whether or not you have the solution to this wonderful effect, what ideas for plots for this effect do you have in mind? Please post all of your ideas on this thread. It can be patter, places for the piece to appear, any sort of plot; think outside the box. This thread should help a lot of people expand their magical thinking abilities. :) Thanks a lot you guys.

    Some already suggested plots are:

    • Time Travel
    • Having the piece appear under a specator's watch
    • Combining the Angle Zero idea with Factory Sealed/any bottle penetration

  2. Have them sign the card and then have them hold on to the pen, and have it appear in the cap or transparent body of the pen! Also, you could borrow their pen and have it appear on their own pen!
  3. in their pocket, or purse. or mayby in a bread roll, if your in a restaurant. I have to agree with what someone else said before though, when you tell stories like "i will travel back in time..." It makes me feel awkward and there going to look at you weird, and 99% of the time they will notbelieve you, unless they are completely retarded.
  4. I guess you're right, but my main point for the Time Travel plot is to actually prove traveling of some goal is to make the spectator doubt themselves for even a few seconds, especially when it comes to such an impossible feat.

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    i see what you mean, if it works for you, by all means do it, our art is a bout doing the impossible after all.
  6. I find the last statement to be immature and very offensive considering I have a brother who is handicapped.
  7. Umm...

    Hey, I am sure Heavymetalahollic meant no harm. I am apologizing for him in case he doesn't get back on by tonight.

    *apology* :)
  8. no, im sorry, i did not mean to offend anyone, i did not mean it in that way, i meant dumb, or stupid. nor retarded by its actual meaning. sorry.
  9. Corner to card box?

    I'm trying to figure out how to get the corner in a sealed box with cellophane, but I can't think of any methods. Any ideas, just pm me.
  10. I actually have a trick i made called cellophane, where there selected cards lands under the cellophane, you can use my princeple for angle zero. I ill post a video of my trick soon
  11. o you can use the same technique from Angle zero, and apply it to a bank note (Dollar)
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    When I perform this, instead of having it appear on the clock hand, I put it in 1 of the picture slots in my wallet.
    So you can go into a patter like I do saying how theres a special moment where the magic happens. What do you do when you see a special moment?
    Take a picture.
    Performer: "Where would you put a special picture to have it with you at all times." (say that line to make sure they dont say a picture frame) (the word "portable" is a good word to say too)
    Audience: "A wallet."
    Open and reveal the corner in your wallet.

    When I reveal the corner in the picture slot, I take the card from them and hold it up to wallet to see if the corner matches up with the card before I remove it from my wallet.
    I feel it gives a more visual trick so they know that I don't switch anything.

    Also, if your performing for someone close to you(family member, you can make this trick really crazy. . . .
    Have a picture of them in your wallet and have the corner appear in the slot their picture is. Don't have them in the 1st slot, it's better if their picture is like the 3rd slot in your wallet. And point out that it's only there because they picked the card, so it appeared in their picture slot.

    I hope you find this useful. Feedback?
  13. Hey man,

    I'm lovin' your idea. Lately I've just been strolling around with different friends, and I just did a corner to wallet because I was running low on time, and had to think of a quick deceptive plot. Now, this is a much better elaboration on that effect, and I love it. Would you mind if I incorporated your ideas for some of my performances? I'd highly appreciate it.

  14. Sure, that's why I wrote this.
    I was hoping someone from here could use this performance.
    Glad I could help.

    Actually, I just performed this effect today for another magician/ much older than me. It was at this eye doctor office, and I showed him the trick along with some of his helpers. They all thought it was a great trick. Then the doctor pulled me over to the side and asked quietly if I use a pulley system.
    I said no, it's impromptu. He was really shocked when I told him this.
    He said we needed to swap tricks. lol

    So yeah, this routine hits hard. My Mom just called me and their still talking about me. (my Mom works there)
    Once you use this routine, let me know how it works out. Just remember to say what I wrote in the 1st post, otherwise they'll say something like a picture frame. Good luck!
  15. gotta hand it to you, i dont really do that much magic, but i know how this trick works (ebook) and that is some damn good patter, probably the best ive heard in a longggg time, great job..:cool:
  16. Hey, thanks for the nice feedback.
    Means a lot to me that 2 members here found it useful.
    Thanks again.
  17. I have it stuck on the outside of a window, it's awesome.
    I did it the other night as an opener. Bad idea, it made every other trick I did look bad. :)
  18. I usually have it appear on them in some way whether it be in their pocket, wallet, etc. I find it gets a far greater reaction.
  19. If I was able to travel trough time, I wouldn't be doing card tricks.
  20. Just thinking here......

    Take off your phone case and put in side where the screen goes over it.

    Could be O.K I think. :D

    People seem to be coming up with some really good ideas.

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