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  1. I put the corner in a really Factory Sealed bottle and asked a lunch lady at my school who was restocking the vending machines to put the bottle in with the others, and I promised to buy it quickly, etc. But I did the trick up until the vanish, acted like it was over, and said I was really thirsty, bought the water, and asked someone to open the bottle.
    I won't go into huge detail, but it was one of the best reactions I've ever gotten.
  2. Hey man, I really like your idea. I think it's alright if I try it out? Anyway I also think it's pretty cool if you put the missing piece in someone frontpocket, then act like your throw it inside their pocket.

  3. I was at a friends house today who has the same clock (exposed face with thin hands) as in the DVD performance, and did the same patter as Daniel, and it KILLED! I'm really liking this trick, it's serving me well. And only having to make one gimmick is a huge "plus" for me.
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    I like the sealed bottle idea.
    Also the wallet picture idea is brilliant, if I carried pictures in my wallet...

    I've done a few different variations and I think my favorite was in a cigarette box.

    Getting it in someone else's cigarette box wasn't easy, kind of on the fly, but I did the vanish with a lit cigarette and then figured some patter to get from vanish to them searching in the cigarette pack. It was a good reaction since I 'never' touched the pack (being a non-smoker and all).

    Oh-I also planted one almost 6 hours in advance for my girlfriend. We both read a lot and I put it with her bookmark, did the trick and then told her I can make it vanish but am uncertain where it goes...when she found it she hit me...:mad: just kidding-it was a joking hit.

  5. I went to meijer last night to do some walk around stuff (this is one of the places i "battle test" tricks to brain storm for new ideas and patter to improve them). I realized that on racks where they have the price of the product under plastic, the plastic is like a folder and they just slide the price in between the two pieces of plastic. you get the piece under the plastic.
    hope this helps.
  6. wear a hat n appear it under ur hat .....
  7. Time travel

    I just had a brain flash:eek:

    Here is the jist of it.

    This is a routine performed outside by the way.

    The magician has a card picked out and a corner is torn from that card.
    standard routine so far.
    The magician then pitches that he can stop time, spectator :rolleyes:
    but you say " I mean it, what if I was to propose to you that in the time that I take this corner and rub it up against palm I can not only stop time, but also go back 20 years in the past and place the corner on the earth near us." the magician then proves this by making the corner vanish impossibly cleanly. Then asking a spec to go over to a spot near them, you direct them of course, they find the corner aged at worn by the weather but when they put the corner back to its original card the piece matches.

    I might try this out tomorrow and see what the reactions are like. I will post my results.
  8. One thing I have noticed is people want to see the trick again, so I got an idea, with a slight modification, you can have them sign the card and the torn off corner, vanish it, have it appear somewhere, show it matches to the card, vanish it again to another location, show it is still the signed corner and it matches.

    I did this where the first piece ended up in a small chandelier, took the piece down, showed it was signed and fit, vanished it again, had a freind lift up his pop can and there was the signed corner under it, and it matched up as well.

    note, the misdirection of the first revelation is key.
  9. I've only done this once, but it paid off:

    Before starting the trick, i gave the spectator a small box of mints to hold on to, she picks a card, i tear the corner, make it vanish...blablabla...
    I then ask her to open the box shes been holding the whole time and BaNg! The same corner!
  10. The possibilities are endless. I'm thinking a sealed envelope mailed a week in advance. I also like the idea of somewhere further away than the same room. Maybe like in the change holder in their car or something. Do this right before they leave and have them keep the card in their wallet. Then call them on their way home to reveal.

    Sometimes my brother visits from out of town and vice versa. Next time I go out there I'll be sure to hide one somewhere in his apt. So the next time he visits me I can tell him I'm not quite sure where it went but I think it's under the plant in his living room...
  11. Freeze the corner in an ice cube.

    Make it apear in a spectator's shoe.

    Use this with a card tattoo, as long as the corner matches.

    I do like the presentation offered with the card in wallet. Nicely done.

  12. Love that idea!

    fit a whole ton of "cold" and "freeze" words into the patter.
  13. the ice cube idea is GOLD, i will have to try that
  14. Burn from Madison teaches you how to make a gaffed card where you can actually make the image of a torn corner burned into a card. :) I'm currently trying to think of an effect to utilize this with Angle Zero. It's so awesome!

  15. angle zero - bad habit

    alright, in reply to the ideas about Madison's angle zero, my mom's a smoker, so for angle zero, right after I do the vanish, I ask her " what's a bad habit you have", or something like that, and of course she says smoking (this will only work on smokers lol) and I tell her to check her cigarette box, and there it is resting in her cigarette box. I got a pretty good reaction, I would have done the clock effect but all my clocks have glass on top of it! lol
  16. I've been thinking a lot about things you could do with this.

    You could have the piece appear in a spectator's pocket by put-pocketing.

    Under your tie, pierced onto your tie-clip.

    In a nest of boxes you placed on the table at the outset.

    In the wax of a candle that has gelled over the piece. The Jasmine scent from Yankee Candle is a semi-clear white when the wax is melted and then allowed to cool. You could light the candle as you start your set, so that the wax will be liquid and the piece visible at the climax of the effect.

    In a can of soda a-la Sinful.

    In a book of the spectator's choosing at a called-for page number. This takes some thinking, but it could play well, especially in someone else's home.

    In an egg nested in a lemon, nested in an orange. I'll leave the details to your searching.

    I have too many ideas to perform this just yet...I need to stop coming up with them and actually try this!

  17. Some realy cool ideas :)
    How about just into the card box?

    Really want this trick!!

  18. I use Angle Zero to lead into TnR. You vanish the corner, have it reappear, and say something along the lines of "what good is 3/4 of a card? I'll tear it all up". Then it leads perfectly into TnR!
  19. i did a version where it turned up in the spectators chips

    (we were playing poker, i wasnt allowed to deal....sniff...)

    a SAW version (like D+M SAW lifesaver thing, where he pulls a mint out of his throat with a string)


    if you have stigmata ( i dont) get a picture of the corner on your arm then 'pull' it out
  20. You know torn too by Daniel Garcia? Could angle Zero lead nicely into this? Just a thought...


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