Angle Zero - Your ideas?

Jul 26, 2008
I like all these ideas, and Daniel Madison's concept of sticking it on a clock hand is brilliant.

I guess I use too many cliches; I just have it "go" to my pocket or the spectator's pocket.
Mar 7, 2008
my angle zero

first of ll i really didnt like the way that daniel displayed the key card when it was picked ( only 3/4's ofthe card peeking from the deck...........pfffft thats not suspicious) so i knew i had to change that , so what i use is a ????.so they can take the card out just like they would in another card trick .i then use james ellis loding move to show them- me tearing the corner out of thir card.put the deck away and slowly vanish the corner piece then after the small awe, sit back in the chair as if the trick was finished until a few seconds after or the spectators look at me a bit funny.then i say quietly one moment as i reach for my beer bottle beer glass which is halfway across the table and as i lift it up to my lips and start drinking, the spectators see that little torn corner stuck to the bottom staring them in the face!!!! i love it,

ive tried to be really careful to not give the trick away but if some so and so edits this beacuse they think it is exposing ....then i really dont see the point how you can share your good ideas!!!!!
Jan 14, 2008
i did a table hopping gig last week and i made the torn corner appear under the specs dinner plate hehehe

the waiter is my friend BTW

Aug 24, 2008
Hanging on your necklace
in a salt shaker
Behind a glass window
in your cellphone
in a sandwich bag
under a spectator's drink
inside a pen a la fine scripture
on a birthday cake

oh you can also combine it with Warning: before the trick starts just throw a packet of cigarettes on the nearest table or on the ground. light a match tear the corner of , etinguish the match and blow smoke from your mouth to your hand while rubbing it to show the vanish.let them open the packet and freak out. this looks awesome and can be a great intro to Derren Brown's "Smoke" .

P.s i force a dup and simply use a second deal. it looks cleaner i think
Oct 30, 2008
I have used in a water bottle. It works nicely. If your at school or in an office i have used stuck to the back of a spinning chair and you just ask someone to spin it around to reveal the corner. In a soda can works. But my overall favorites have to be stuck on the blade of a fan, and in an icecube
Sep 3, 2007
But my overall favorites have to be stuck on the blade of a fan

That's a pretty good one, one of those stand up fans where you'd have to take the front part off to get to it would be prime. But then you might change the vanish into throwing it at the fan across the room???

Changing the vanish is another option. Maybe you could use bullet with this, you are left completely clean.

If you have family or work etc. that visit back and forth you could have it end up across the country if you wanted to. Of course they'd be left with a card and no corner but just make sure they hold onto it. Then give them a call and tell them you think you know where the corner you vanished ended up....
May 3, 2008
what if
you took the deck out of the box.
had a card selected
put the deck back in the box
tore the corner off the selected card
and vanished it
point to the deck box

in the deck box
is a deck sized chunk of ice
with the torn piece sealed in.
Nov 30, 2007
Under your watch.

Why does any1 forget about your watch? =]

I also like the idea of a watch but the problem with a watch is some spectators might just think you slipped it in your watch (it isn't as shocking). Under the spectators watch would be pretty cool though and I cam sure it wouldn't be hard if you are good at watch steals.
Sep 20, 2008
vanish it, but keep your hands visible, no fancy movements, and just tell them to check under your watch immediately. i do it sleevelless and i perform the vanish reallly cleanly and after i vanish, i just freeze my hands out, so there's gonna be no funny movements whatsoever.

hasnt faile dme or anything
Oct 6, 2007
I havent seen this posted but the one I use all the time is have the missing piece threaded though the loop of my shoelace

thank you richard sanders for this idea.

then I can just go right into interlace.

Nov 7, 2008
Hofstra Univ.
Hear it happen?

I know this thread is a little old but I actually had a funny scenario with this trick happen, two actually.

I am half of a magic duo at my university and we were doing our weekly performance at the eatery on campus and we ran into a spectator with some friends at a table who had seen our magic before. I then did i dropped the deck on the table and looked for it under the corner nearest me and then when i couldn't find it I had everyone feeling under the edge of the table for it. It was quite a sight to see them pull the piece from the opposite corner.

That very same night I had the piece end up on the glass of the doors to drink coolers and on the end of a handrail.

My favorite way to do this effect impromptu is what happened later that night. People were asking for more tricks. So without giving the trick away i misdirected with conversation for the setup right in front of them. But i couldn't figure out where i wanted the effect to end. I then had the idea to make the piece end up behind my right ear. I had patter about then "hearing" it disappear.

Sorry about the length but this has become one of my favorite effects.
Apr 27, 2008
You know torn too by Daniel Garcia? Could angle Zero lead nicely into this? Just a thought...


Hum..without revealing the method too mkuch, i'll say it wouldn't work. Mainly because Torn too illusion, of sorts.

Hanging on your necklace

I think that idea is in one of Daniel Madison's notes, I have it, and it is where he originally published Angle Zero. I believe it's TWO, but i'm not sure.;)

ANother idea is to have it inside you watch. As in, literally, inside.

*screws off the top of his watch and prepares for amazement:)*

This thread has some pretty good ideas, let's keep adding to it!
Sep 20, 2008
that trick is called Crucifix or something- its in TWO (PDF) by d+M.

it involves patter involving a king. but the same concept in Angle zero is used.
Oct 16, 2008
Today i must perform Angle Zero at my class.
I have a little idea to appear a corner to my teacher's water of bottle.
It's that good? or maybe stuck it on to window.
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