Angle Zero - Your ideas?

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by remy, Jun 22, 2008.

  1. i put it in my mouth throughout te trick
  2. Heres just an idea I came up with:

    After the corner dissappearance

    Take out of small photograph of a playing card corner(back design)

    Ask them to hold out their hand

    Squeeze or push the corner out of the picture leaving a blank spot of where the corner was.
  3. KingOfSpades, that's a pretty good idea - but i'm trying to figure out how to do it...maybe a photoswitch of some kind...It would be aweosme if it worked! ;)

  4. Happy

    I had appear a corner to someone's folder and then,She (who is my audience for hold a card that missing corner)when she examined finish.She told me to sign my name on a card.I'm so happy right now:D

  5. Well,I'm glad that you liked my idea.
  6. Do it on a moving bus.
    THAT will stick.

    No pun intended.

  7. Stick the torn corner in your ear.

    Or better yet, stick it up your nose. Then you can "accidentally" sneeze, and the corner will fly out.
  8. i was thinking about doing the exact same thing!!!

    corner in ear
  9. That would be sicklidee awesome. Problem is when to stick it, and how to stick it so it doesn't flutter away!

  10. I had an idea (yet to try it)

    Preform Daniel Madisons "Rip Free" effect and instead of cleaning up from the effect use situation to plant the torn piece into the top of the lighter (lighter would need a cap eg. zippo or something), switch the restored card back out then perform Angle Zero and reveal in the lighter. Then I suppose you could go into a TNR transpo effect or something to finish up.

    Just an idea :)
  11. You could put it on a CD, then stick the CD into a CD player. After the vanish pop the player open and let the disc slowly stop spinning.

    Behind a picture on the wall.

    Have the spec put the ripped card into their pocket. Do the vanish, tell them to look in their pocket. They find the piece, and the ripped card.

    Put it on the receiver of the phone in their house. Do the vanish, and have them keep the card. Do another trick. Under the pretense of putting away the cards afterwords press the button on your cell phone which you pre-programed to call house you are in. They start to put the phone up to their mouth but pass out from shock in the action.

    Off the top of my head...

  12. Yep Angle zero is described in it also. Though i love the idea of having it hanging on my necklace. You can also present it as a penetration which also gets great reactions.
    P.S Two is a great book and Daniel Madison ROCKS!!
  13. TRIP from COLLATERAL would be a great ending to that one
  14. It's ballsy stuff, and you might need an accomplice, but it would be well worth it. Chapstick (or even a gluestick) would work if you didn't have magician's wax.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!,
  15. i thought of this the other day, why does it have to be a playing card?

    i was walking down the street with some friends and i did angle zero with an old train ticket that i had on me and i just did the corner to my wallet

    and its good because with a deck people can think 'oh you just had a special card that disappears its corner on cue' but a train ticket (or any other ticket) is a very common place thing and isn't really associated with magic (that i know of)
  16. i hope this one hasn't been said but i've playing with a card through window plot but instead of the piece going through the entire window make it stop half way so it is actually in side the glass it can be done with any type of window

    either direct the attention to show the piece in the window or after ripping of the piece push it in to the window

    there are a few negs
    -the spectator can't hold the piece but personally i think thats ok
    -abit of a set up

    thats my idea i hope you like it
  17. Good stuff, I love angle zero and have had some problems approaching this(aside from the direct method) from a different angle(no pun intended...dont think it was one though).
  18. Oh that's a really nice idea... Imagine performing Angle Zero, on stage, to soft instrumentals, speaking occasionally over the music to talk about the beauty and the magic in a disappearance.
  19. I don't actually know the trick (I'm getting the Dangerous series for Christmas) but i do have a question. In my homeroom there is a bottle attached to a string that is up near the ceiling, could I make the corner apppear there? Or would that be to hard. Also, could I get into a clock that has a cover on it?
    email me with ideas
  20. Yes. Think of it like this: Any place you could put an entire card simply by walking over to where ever you want to put it, you can send the scrap of card.

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