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  1. One of the best

    I was at a halloween party and I had been doing a few tricks here and there. Two new girls strolled in and some people where telling them about my magic tricks. They were...unimpressed. They hadn't seen magic/ don't believe in it. So I strolled over and asked if they wanted to see a trick. They picked a random card. I tore off the corner. Made it disappear. Then as a random guy was walking by (he was getting a phone call) I told him to flip open his phone. He hesitated..."no i have to go outside to hear whos on the phone." but I your phone really quick. He flipped it open and there was the corner. Jaws were dropping...and the reactions were amazing.

    And for the corner disappearing...I don't think anything is better then putting the torn piece into their hand and rubbing back and forth a little to make it disappear right in their hands. They see it happen and can't believe it. They just stand there with the torn card in hand.
  2. I sometimes use the watch loading technique from Asi Winds Time is MOney;

    and then ask for the "Time is Money" expression.

    it devastated my library clerks.

    (of course, that means I perform it with a borrowe dbill, then do a...'secret move' ;))

  3. All the librarians and librarieses around here know me by name. :D (Seriously.)

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