Anyone in the U.S. receive their TNR project?

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Have you received your T&R Project yet?

  1. I have received my T&R Project.

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  2. I have not received it yet.

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  1. that's exactly my question
  2. Mine didn't come today either :'(. Where are you from BlueBackBiked? Anyway, it should be by USPS.
  3. still didn't get mine Arghh!
  4. Hey guys, I got mine today. Overall, I really like all of the effects. It's all great but...

    My DVDs were defective. This is probably because he sent the DVDs from Singapore, across the world, to the U.S. in an envelop with absolutely no padding.

    My DVDs are scratched and don't play right. I asked him to send me new ones, in a box with padding.

  5. I havent gotten mine either. I order mine about 2 weeks ago.
  6. I preordered mine, where is it !?!
  7. Finally got mine today (I'm in Missouri)! Thanks so much Huron! Review forthcoming...
  8. If IU don't get it tomorrow I'm going to cry. Huron this is what you got me to.
  9. Mine finally came today yay! I hope everyone have received them or they will be coming really soon. Awesome DVD!
  10. Mine came today, but I am ticked off. It came to my moms house under my name. And I noticed an identical package at my dads to his name. He ordered it for me for X-mas. I now will have two copies. Anyone want to buy one?
  11. How is this fair, mine still didn't come today, and I preordered it. I'm starting to get really desperate, maybe it got lost. I'm so angry!
  12. Hey Jeff,
    I've sent you a new copy already don't worry about it!

    And regarding the envelopes, all of the copies sent out are in bubble envelopes with padding, so it could be that all the little bubbles got burst along the way. I'm sure because I pack them myself, and it would really scare me if someone managed to switch out the envelope for the product on its way to you. hah I'd like to learn that trick.

    But yes your non-defective copy is on its way...this time with double padding!

    Huron Low
  13. Wow, just watched them and its worth the wait you guys. One thing about shipping this may help you answering questions Huron. My dad ordered it for me for Christmas, I ordered it after Christmas, leaving 2 weeks at least in between ordering times, they arrived at the same time. The stamp of them being sent out is the correct day as Huronj says. But somewhere along the line, maybe from Singapore they only take one trip out every 2 weeks or so, which slows down the whole process.
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    That makes sense.

    Update: Still haven't gotten mine, I'm getting restless.
  15. Don't worry my friend, I live in North Carolina (just a wee bit above Florida) and I haven't gotten mine yet.

    Since Jeff (who lives in New Jersey) got his already, that means we will be sure to get ours next week!

  16. Huron Low- T&R Project

    Hey everyone,

    I just wanted to see how many people had received their T&R Projects yet. I have yet to receive mine, so I was just curious


  17. Whew, there a weight off my chest, since I was worried that it might have gotten lost or something. I don't mind it coming next week (waited over a month, a day or 2 doesn't make a difference) and plus I have exams to study for tomorrow.
  18. Haha same here buddy. My Algebra II teacher is cramming us with work and reviewing like crazy so we'd do good on our exams.

    I can't wait until the second semester though. I'm tired of all my classes.
  19. Got it it's awesome, a little disappointed in FitH but thats probably because I thought it's real magic, it's great! I can't make it though I need some stuff, but I will tomorrow, and Four is awesome, DAren's 0630 didn't really get a good look at that. Only problem, is that the box has very flimsy DVD holders so the DVDs fallout and are loose all the time, so far only con.
  20. When did a poll show up??

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