Anyone in the U.S. receive their TNR project?

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Have you received your T&R Project yet?

  1. I have received my T&R Project.

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  2. I have not received it yet.

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  1. Did anyone in the US receive their TNR project yet?
  2. I'm still waiting for mine.
  3. There are a few over at The Magic Cafe that have received theirs, so they are finally starting to make their way over here. :)
  4. I have mine, and it's absulutly AMAZING>
    Litrally the best thing thats every happened to me.
    My life will never be the same oh good , I'm gunna go have some happy time over how good it is.
  5. oh good, then I am not the only one, hopefully i'll get it tomorrow
  6. Anyone care to inform me what the TNR project is??
  7. Huron Low's Torn and Restored effects - Fire In The Hole (that's 1 T&R) and Four (Four teaches 4 seperate T&Rs) and, if you were one of the first 500 to order, Daren's 0630.

    Information and previews here:
  8. Hey guys I think you'll receive your DVDs real soon!
    I love the emails coming in from people telling me how much they love the stuff.

    Huron Low
  9. I live in Canada.. still havn't received it yet.. can't wait!!!

    - Sti
  10. I have to get mine before Tues. because I'm leaving, on Tues. I'd be really sad if I leave and not get to practice it over the Winter break.

    PS: Huron if you like getting those kinda e-mails expect one from me as soon as I get mine :D
  11. The USPS doesn't deliver mail on Tuesday (I don't think they do on Monday, either).

    Anyway, I still haven't gotten mine.
  12. Man, I've been waking up every morning STARING at my mailbox.

    But.....nothing yet.
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    Really? :( well that's great that means I won't get mine, untill like Jan 10. I am pretty mad now. do you know if I could, maybe, pick it up from the post office, somehow?

    PS it's T&R
  14. My bad. The USPS does deliver mail on Monday (today), but not Tuesday (Christmas), as it's a national holiday. The Post Office is also closed Christmas day, so no, you couldn't pick it up there, either.

    Anyway, the mail came today and I still don't have mine.
  15. I haven't received mine either. I hope it comes on Wednesday. Mail did come today, but it will not come tomorrow.

  16. I need my TNR. This is torture.
  17. Oh man, that means, I won't get it until like 10 of Jan, that just ruined my day, I'll live though, I'll just have to practice over time
  18. Well well well... look who's playing Santa this year!!!

    I've received my DVDs yesterday ( the 24th! ) didn't had time to watch the 2 dvds yet... wife, kids, partys... but I sure did watch FITH... KILLER!!! The 2nd variation kicks a**ss!!!

    !!!!BOW TO Mr LOW!!!!

    I've ordered the whole deal, FITH, FOUR and the bonus 0630
    Came in a single double dvd box, with booklet inside.

    Will tell you guys more as soon as I try it.

    - Sti
    PS : Mr Low.. I would love to see a "Private forum" about this trick... talk about tips and tricks.. there's actually 1 Item for the gimmick I just couldn't find in my part of the world yet ( was looking for it for another trick.. ) R********** G*** any alternative?
  19. I wonder if I sent you an email saying how much I love you.

    You no the virts would look better if I joined.:D
  20. I didn't receive mine today. Oh man! Hopefully it will come tomorrow.


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