Anyone in the U.S. receive their TNR project?

Have you received your T&R Project yet?

  • I have received my T&R Project.

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  • I have not received it yet.

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Got it it's awesome, a little disappointed in FitH but thats probably because I thought it's real magic, it's great! I can't make it though I need some stuff, but I will tomorrow, and Four is awesome, DAren's 0630 didn't really get a good look at that. Only problem, is that the box has very flimsy DVD holders so the DVDs fallout and are loose all the time, so far only con. live in Florida and yet you got yours before.

Now I really think that something's up with my order. If I don't receive it by Wednesday, I'm going to contact Huron for a refund.

I'm really pissed off.
Well, guess what arrived for me in the mail today?


I don't even want the damn DVD anymore. I'm going to contact Huron right away and ask for a refund.


I contacted Huron, and his admin of the department notified me that they accidentally sent the package to my old address, which was once my billing address before we got done moving. (It's a hassle, yes). They kindly sent me another package.

I deeply apologize for my attitude, Huron. I hope you can forgive me.
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Sep 1, 2007
My TNR was finally delivered yesterday, I'm in the Eastern US. I had preordered before the effect was released, so I believe that deliveries should start coming in for people in the next few days/weeks.


This is a thread for Hurons T&R's... weird!?!?!?!?

Just kidding... it's funny though how since Bich's TnR, people seem to be calling every T&R a TnR lol.
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