Anyone in the U.S. receive their TNR project?

Have you received your T&R Project yet?

  • I have received my T&R Project.

    Votes: 11 73.3%
  • I have not received it yet.

    Votes: 4 26.7%

  • Total voters
ARGH guys I wish you received have your copies already!
I really really wish I could do something about it but I do know there's no way the DVDs can be lost while being shipped as they were all done individually and only people in the USA haven't received them.

I am so sorry I wish I had more control over this situation but I don't have a tracking number as these were sent out via airmail.

Thank you for your patience guys... man this is driving me nuts.

Huron Low
Sep 1, 2007
The Windy City
The UPS man came down my street and delivered a package to my house. It wasn't for me.

I didn't receive mine yet. There is still a chance it might come today.

It's annoying I ordered mine on November 24, it shipped out on December 9, and I still haven't got it. It's more annoying that someone got theirs, who didn't pre-order, in six days.

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