Anyone in the U.S. receive their TNR project?

Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by clarrus, Dec 20, 2007.


Have you received your T&R Project yet?

  1. I have received my T&R Project.

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  2. I have not received it yet.

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  1. California
  2. Man, it's January 1st...

    It's almost a month since it has been shipped out.....

    I'm pulling my hair. Literally. I NEED IT NOW!!!!!
  3. I really think and hope it's going to come today. (Wednesday)

    My fingers are crossed.

  4. lol Im from Australia and I havent recieved mine yet either, so keep your pants on guys :p lol.

    It gets very busy this time of year, I only just recieved my Wynns and Guardians Today from the 9th of Decemeber, and they were Express lol.

  5. I live in New Zealand, and I got mine ages ago....

    Cheers, Tom
  6. Australia is fairly closer to Singapore than the U.S.

    Unless you ordered yours AFTER December 9th, you should've received it already, like Twozwozer.
  7. I live on the East Coast US (New Jersey, to be precise) and as of today I still have not received mine.


  8. I feel your pain man. I live in North Carolina.

    I swear....if it doesn't come by the end of this week, I'll go crazy. Literally.

    Oh well, at least my Wynns ship today. ;D
  9. Ordered mine Thurs. How long should I wait before going crazy?
  10. I still didn't get mine today. I am crossing my fingers for tomorrow. Huron told me he was sure I would receive it this week.

  11. ARGH guys I wish you received have your copies already!
    I really really wish I could do something about it but I do know there's no way the DVDs can be lost while being shipped as they were all done individually and only people in the USA haven't received them.

    I am so sorry I wish I had more control over this situation but I don't have a tracking number as these were sent out via airmail.

    Thank you for your patience guys... man this is driving me nuts.

    Huron Low
  12. Man, I didn't receive mine today. I am crossing my fingers for tommorow. I want this so bad!

  13. Guys, I ended up recieving mine yesterday,

    Trust me, 100% worth the wait.

    After all the money I have spent on magic, this is the best purchase I have made. I love it.

    Thanks Huron xo
  14. For anyone who received theirs, please let us know when you recieved it and where do you live? Thanks a lot. Hoping mine comes today!
  15. I'm on the East Coast US (New Jersey) and still haven't gotten mine. Looks like they're making their way Eastward across the country, though.

    The wait it killing me!!
  16. just received my copy today, i'm in NYC.
  17. Holy crap.....i'm in long island. I hope mine comes tomarrow.
  18. Ahh...mine didn't come today. It better come tomorrow, or I might kill somebody! (just kidding)

  19. I live in california and my order took 6 days to get to my house
  20. The UPS man came down my street and delivered a package to my house. It wasn't for me.

    I didn't receive mine yet. There is still a chance it might come today.

    It's annoying I ordered mine on November 24, it shipped out on December 9, and I still haven't got it. It's more annoying that someone got theirs, who didn't pre-order, in six days.


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