Anyone in the U.S. receive their TNR project?

Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by clarrus, Dec 20, 2007.


Have you received your T&R Project yet?

  1. I have received my T&R Project.

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  2. I have not received it yet.

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  1. Once again, I didn't receive mine. Does anyone know what method this is being shipped by?

  2. Same here...STILL don't have mine. Hopefully it comes today.
  3. Hey guys it's being shipped via airmail. The only reason why there's a delay is cause of the christmas period where the post office stops working for a couple of days. I really hope you guys will receive the DVDs soon!

    Huron Low
  4. Gosh Huron, you're such a tease.

    Hahaha. I've been checking my mail as soon as they arrive everyday for the past 3 weeks. I hope I get mine tomorrow or I'll have to stalk the mail-man.

  5. Yeah, I didn't get mine today, either. Tomorrow, hopefully...
  6. Now you guys know how the foreigners that buy from T11, Ellusionist, D&D, etc. feel. haha
  7. I didn't receive mine today. Someone told me in will not come bu USPS, but something like FedEx, UPS, or others. I hope it comes tomorrow.

  8. i'm starting to get blue hands from waiting so long......
  9. No luck today, either.
    Haha, so true. Australians must have the patience of freaking Saints.
  10. I'm getting TnR tomorrow. Maybe that will make me feel better.

  11. Couldn't hold through, huh?

    Well I am glad that you guys aren't getting yours (I'm a dead man) because I am on vacation and don't want it to get stolen or something like that from my mailbox.

    This time Australians were one of the first people to receive theirs, lucky bast****.

    We are spoiled shipping-wise :D
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    It's sort of like a gift from someone, not exactly. I am visiting them tomorrow. The UPS man just drove down my neighborhood. EVERYONE got at least one package, everyone EXCEPT me. That doesn't make me feel very good. I am going to check my mailbox AGAIN just to make sure. package! I can't wait any longer!

  13. I feel your pain my friend.

    If I don't get mine tomorrow, I'm going to go berserk.
  14. Anyone has gotten theirs yet, I stil haven't :(. I have a feeling it's going to past new year and probably won't get til next week. This is killing me.
  15. I didn't get mine today, either. This is insane.
  16. I still haven't gotten mine either. TnR didn't make me feel better. It's something I'll never use. Maybe my T&R Project will come today. I'm crossing my fingers.

  17. Yes I got it today
  18. Lucky. There is still a chance mine will come today. My fingers are still crossed.

  19. Where do you live??
  20. I didn't get mine today. I am pretty sure mail doesn't come tomorrow.:(

    I ordered it in 2007, but I didn't get it until 2008.;)


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