Are there still Criss Angel haters... Why?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Dayton76, Sep 22, 2009.

  1. Just curious, about why I am still reading all this negativity about Chris Angel and his Mindfreak tv series. I thought the point of being a entertainer is to ENTERTAIN. I will admit the majority of the people, I have spoken with, feel that a lot of his stunts are staged, but yet they still watch him every time he has a new episode...including me, and YOU! Also, with his bigger stunts, I don't know enough about those type of effects to know 100% that it is a set up. Personally, I watch all the different performers on television to see the close up and mentalism material. I really could care less about the huge stunts. Even with David Blain, the general public could really give two flying farts about his stunts.

    Another thing to think about, is this man (Chris Angel) gets freaking PAID!! I can't speak for the rest of you, but if A&E offered me or agreed to pay me a huge sum of money to continue a series I would jump all over it. And if I had to "stage" some effects to keep the general public happy and tuning in to the next episode, you better believe that "staging" is exactly what I would do. And I believe that the majority of you would do the same. The only people I feel can have a honest "beef" with Chris Angel is whoever has worked with him before. Other than that, this he had to do whatever he has to do to put food on his table. Personally, I feel his close up effects are great and his show is ENTERTAINING, and I think that is the point.
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    I have to wholeheartedly disagree with you. See my other posts on Criss Angel. The guy is a hack. Yes I do watch his new episodes, but that's only so I can pick him apart and show people how many camera tricks and stooges he uses. He's HORRIBLE. He can't even do close up sleight of hand. He did a recent trick where he puts the entire deck through the shredder... when he's spreading the deck showing everyone that the deck is a regular deck of cards, he only shows the first half of the deck, and he shows the bottom card, which was a King of Clubs.... then he has the person pick the card out of the middle of the deck, which is..... a King of Clubs! Wow, he's that bad??
  3. See thats my point. Your still tuning in. If you don't like a comedian you don't keep watching his stand-ups, and if you don't like a musician you don't keep listening to their music to tell people how much he sucks. I don't know man I respect your opinion and anyones that has an opposing opinion but what I am saying is your HAVE TO RESPECT CHRIS ANGELS HUSTLE...PERIOD!
  4. Why would you try to pick apart his show and illusions? I know he's bad but if you keep tuning in to see what he does then you're just helping continuing his fame.

    I think people who have a problem with Criss Angel and have not worked with him and do magic are hypocrites. It's all about what the spectator sees and feels and if they are amazed and want to keep watching him then what problem do you have. Do you honestly believe that he got picked on his talent???? Good lord if you believe this then you need to understand more about showbusiness. He's a good looking dude that is ripped and does stunts and effects that amaze people, so what's the problem.

    Most people agree with the statement before about it being almost all about what the spectator wants. However you disagree with somebody else that entertains their audience a different way. Oh well, I don't like his show personally since I rather watch some close up from David Blaine rather than Criss anyday.
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    Hey Dayton, i am the biggest Criss Angel follower prolly on this site period. While as a spectator, u gotta love what this guy bring to the table. As a magician, especially these creators who working hard as hell to bring the best edit proof work , should in a way not like him in sense that he perform with cheap edits and stooges. IT kinda cheapens their work. If all we had to do was create a vid with a bunch of stuff where the crowd is in with the whole trick. We'd all be millionaires.....however, he doesn't deserve the hate he has received. Fro most people on theory 11, they don't create, they only perform what is made. They have no motives to hate. As for the working magicians (who create), those should be the pissed ones.

    While i don't agree with some of his stunts, as well as David Blaine's, i loved all of their close up magic. Angel sometimes uses a stooge or two. Now thats ok, because most stage magicians use a lovely assistant or a

    but these effects such as the mass levitation. didn't impress me as a magician. i think thats cheap. the whole crowd was the "lovely assistants" . that to me gets old. same goes with the walk on water...

    so its two sides to that. as a spectator, criss angel kool as hell...but as a creative mind, u gotta not like what he's doing for magic....

    but i gotta admit i watch criss to be entertianed, debunk some of his stuff, and try to one up him by doing something better with less preparation...i just feel one of these days he's gonna do something that i will be able to duplicate in a bigger least that what i think....
  6. Its funny when people say that he is so bad.

    He is doing one, if not the most expensive magic show ever and it is doing pretty well now, and he has a tv show with allot of fans. What are the rest of you doing?
  7. I don't know enough about Criss angel to either like or dislike him; however, I did notce some interesting ideas you (Dayton76) had.

    For one, how does the fact that someone gets "PAID" make them unsusceptible to "haters". Drug dealers get "PAID", but thats not really the reason they have "haters" is it?

    On top of that, I feel your comment reagrding us not watching reapeat shows of comedians, or listening to a band who we don't like, is rather an irrelevant point.

    We - as magicians- have a vested interest in magic, and other magicians.

    Although I am purely speculating as to "JetEyeNight " 's feelings, I can imagine that it is purely BECAUSE he is interested in magic that he watches the shows; perhaps even so as to see how NOT to do magic.

    As I mentioned at the start, I have never seen one of his shows, and therefore cannot voice my own opinion towards him; I just felt that if one is to try and "clear his name" so-to-speak, one should more than likely have more deeply founded reasons than "this man (Chris Angel) gets freaking PAID!! "

    PS: Also, I don't think that ANYONE, will ever HAVE to respect anyone else; least of all a tv magician with whom they see performing on occasion. Respect is earned, and how much one has to do to get the respect of a fellow human being depends solely on the person whose respect we desire to attain. JetEyeNight can decide for himself whether or not Mr. Angel has earned his respect, and neither we, nor anyone else can change his mind on what that entails.

    PPS: Sorry for the long post; but when the mood strikes, I am prone to ramble. Apologies to anyone who feels their time has been wasted in reading, or even scrolling through this imbroglio of thoughts. :)

    Just my thinking.
  8. thats not my point, he's doing well, he's a showman, bravo, kudos to him, and i really mean for creative methods only, is where i can see where people would have a problem with some of his stuff, but the ones who should even give a damn should be the creators of magic, not the ones who buy every effect on the first day of release to prove their magical talents....i agreee with both the haters(creators only) and supporters.....i love criss's show handsdown , i hate to miss it....
  9. I have to give him props for what he's accomplished. He is entertaining thousands of people, and has loads of LAYMEN fans. Laymen more often than not, enjoy his show. After all, the entire point of our art is to entertain the laiety. However, the trouble arises around that word: "art". Angel entertains, but he does so in a way that many fellow magicians find offensive to the "rules" and traditions of the art. We feel as if he's achieved his fame through "cheating".

    I personally hold an interesting mix of total respect and downright hate for him myself. It doesn't matter what I think though. That's just my two cents on the situation.
  10. for his loyals as he would call it his lyrics to his theme song says a lot....
  11. there are enough stupid threads arguing this point and my opinion is already on enough of them, i would however like to bring another point i haven't heard as much. When i perform the two magician's that i am compared to most are david blaine and mr. angel. My feelings on these two aside i usually engage the spectator in a conversation about the one they compare me too. I have found an increasing number of "LAYMAN who are just sick to death of criss. They ask if all i do is camera tricks and actors too and even ridicule me on occasion because of his show. While not all react this way and it doesn't particularly bother me the majority of people these days are reacting more and more negatively to him. Its not just magician's that dont care for him. They have grown tired of his attitude, his un real approach and most of all his lisp... just kidding. When david blaine is brought up its either in regards to his stunts... which most dont understand or praise about his street magic (much more rare). In the case of the former i usually direct them to youtube some david blaine street magic over the stunts and accept apoligies a few days later and new found magic fans. The few people that ever respond in a positive tone about Angel are usually pre-pubescent girls or un-educated bible thumpers. When asked why, the usual responses are "He's HOTTT!!" which is just pathetic, or a genuine belief that what he is doing is real magic and a gift from god which is probably even more sad. I think the point is that Criss had a decent run but half ass magic and camera tricks can only get you so far. He has steadily worked his way through decent magic consultants and steadily they have all grown tired of working with him. Ive attempted, and most likely failed to keep my own opinions about the guy out of this rant and simply introduce my experience with layman and spectator's and their opinions on him. feel free to flame now
  12. How can people say he hot. He is ugly.

    I would use more bad words to describe how ugly he is but I don't want to get banned...

  13. tell that to these chicks around here, the guy i gotta admit is very marketable....
  14. cedric has a litte man crush.

  15. The girls around here are too busy partying or joining a sports team or dance group to watch him on TV.
  16. We are hating him...
    And the nail has been hit on the head. WE don't listen to bad music and tell about it, but other musicians do. WE don't watch a bad stand-up comic, but other comedians do. Same with Angel and other magicians...
  17. That was well put. I agree 100%
  18. K-I-S-S-I-N-G...

    I honestly stopped watching Criss Angel's stuff after the ridiculousness of his first season of MindFreak. I'll base my point of view off what I remember seeing back then. With that, I'll tell you why so many magicians hate on him. What he does on television can barely be considered magic anymore. Seriously. If I wanted to see excessive CGI, poor editing, and an abundance of actors, I would go see the latest Hollywood release at the movie theaters. At least then, I'd be able to see it all done well.

    I do have to admit-- Criss used to be an incredible performer. I once saw him perform live when he had a small off-Broadway show years ago. He often performed on the streets to promote his act and get some word-of-mouth flowing about who he was. He was an original thinker and creative performer. He was unique and raw. He's obviously come a long way from those days, but in my opinion, what he does now is straight-up embarrassing to the craft. What he does now is barely magic. Common sense screams that. No one buys the shallow, contrived reactions of a staged audience. No one buys the poorly edited levitation across two buildings. And unfortunately, the solid effects he does legitimately perform aren't well-done. In his hands, they're merely tricks. Monkeys can do tricks. He doesn't do justice to the art anymore. The most he's added to magic recently is an annoying Brooklyn accent and unwarranted arrogance. I honestly think laymen and magicians agree to that. Listen to all the negative (laughable) reviews of his new Vegas show. He's apparently made a fool of himself. Criss wasted his talent, sold out, and made magic a laughing stock in mainstream entertainment. All the while, he's been too dense to see how many wrong decisions he's made. That's why magicians hate on Criss.

    If the main argument of the original post is to admire him for his success on television, might I add that there are a crap load of utterly stupid celebrities who constantly do utterly stupid things on variously stupid (successful) reality TV-shows? A successful televised series doesn't always equate to quality entertainment, and the star of a televised series surely doesn't always equate to a quality role model.

    I stopped watching his stuff years ago...

  19. You want to know why I dislike Angel?

    Well of course you do or you wouldn't have made the title.
    First I have not spoken, typed, or listened to many true “Haters” of the man who is Criss Angel, I and I am sure other magicians that people label as haters have one or maybe a few things we dislike about him. I gag when I see him dressed up like a Christmas tree wearing all that bling. I dislike that he is showing very impossible effects to perform in situations where you do not have a camera crew to control angles and the crowd. I dislike the Character Criss Angel with a passion, rock and roll star feel I never really liked.

    No I can’t truly hate someone if I have not formally met the guy, yet I am still labeled as a hater. I have heard from other magicians, (I do not mean someone typing something up about Criss but actual person to person discourse.) that the guy has an ego bigger then his Hummers.
  20. lol....nice one.....great one...i was open to having that said....i left myself wide open for that....

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