Best ACR Closer?

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by towcheeze, Aug 30, 2011.

  1. Right now I use the Redemption gimmick (by Chris Ballinger) as a closer in my acr ( using my own routine, where the vanished card appears in my shoe). But I'm curious as to what you guys do to close your routine?
  2. Whatever I feel like. I usually try for the most impossible thing I can think of that the situation allows, but when I can't think of anything, I end with Richard Sander's "Identity"
  3. I use card to wallet.
  4. i use pixel by david jade .
  5. I do The Light by Chris Congreave (Signed card/bill in lighter)
  6. i do card to mouth
  7. card to wallet for mine.
  8. Paperclipped.

    One of the strongest card effects ever.
  9. I usually stick with the basics. Card to Mouth. Best reactions, Devastates and shocks the audience.
  10. I think PH's Solid Deception is one of the best endings to any card routine. It's so surprising!

    I share the same thoughts as many other magicians - the trick is missing a visual element. Jay Sankey shared a cool, interesting solution on his Extremely Ambitious DVD. My idea results in the deck becoming tightly wrapped in electrical tape. The method allows you to not only hide the true condition of the deck, but you can still insert and remove cards from it. If you're interested, you can read about it in the June, 2009 issue of MAGIC.
  11. like the Daryl's rope trick ?
  12. Solid Deception - and the variations I mentioned - are unlike Daryl's Ultimate Ambition. Daryl's trick is basically a way to simulate ultra-fair conditions: the deck is tied in rope so there is no possible way for the card to rise to the top. Solid Deception is an ending where the entire deck turns into a solid block, proving there was no way any of the previous magic could have occurred.
  13. Jeff - Was the electrical-tape wrapped deck also in one of the editions of Reel Magic? I know I've seen it somewhere, but I also know I've never read Magic Magazine.
  14. Nobody mentioned the bent card? That's always great for the climax.

    Also I usually do a pass (face up) right before the last phase and before that, card to mouth (or vise versa).
    I went backwards there :p.

    I usually do that but I don't have a rule I more feel the situation.
  15. The Braue pop up used to be my finisher, but after I got my Real Man's Wallet, and added that on the end, my ACR really lifted.
  16. That's the last part of my ACR before Paperclipped. It's perfect to do right before Paperclipped too because it sets you up for the M ***** y C**D F **d.
  17. It was; I taught in on video in Reel Magic Magazine issue 12 (Eugene Burger).
  18. If you don't mind bending cards, I LOVE to close on a classic pop to the top of the deck, so visual. But either way I still always end on a color change. It goes to the top so high that it "disappears" in air. Not necessarily with the routine, but people still love it, and this way I get to keep the signature. I have a habit of keeping the signed cards because each card has a memory that you can look back on.

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