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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by clllllust, Feb 11, 2008.

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  1. wow we've moved really far haven't we? lol
  2. yeah..its not easy
  3. anybody found anything? Maybe we should try some urls with bicycle
  4. I've tried heaps of those - no luck.
  5. today we'll have one more clue so one you get to it stop the hunt :p... or not ;)
  6. What are the chances of the new D&D cards being centurions?
  7. Next to none. They are still working on them.

  8. Really? I thought the clues came whenever the marketing team felt like it.

    No guarantees that we will have it tonight, but it's about time...

  9. What did I miss while at school today?
  10. Yes! Daniel Madison came, and he selected a few people, and they got mailed A free brick of autographed Wynns!
  11. so... is there a 5th page yet?
  12. I don't believe so.

    So far there is only 3 different pictures since 2 pages I found have the same ones.

    Let's hope for more clues tonight.

  13. Why are we looking for clues? Whats the point? We know why are we finding clues before finding them.
  14. Because it's fun. Now please, let us rot our minds in peace.
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    Haha I finally found the hidden link. Thanks guys
    But when I went to the page, there wasn't much on it. Is there something else you have to do?
    Also Guardian 18, I'm not sure if you were being sarcastic or not, but those aren't real Centurions. Pause at about 29 seconds and you can see the ace of spades is messy and the writing on the box is crooked.
  16. Lol!!! He drew them. It's really crappy.
  17. Ahhh back from school. You guys still haven't found anything.
  18. No, because Daniel Madison, told us not to.
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