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Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by trikuxabi, Jul 5, 2011.

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  1. I got the same email. Something I don't understand though. These were sent UPS. Were the UPS workers also on strike???
  2. Did you get a response? You can exchange the box for other merchandise at retail value, minus shipping fees both ways. Did you think this was fair?
  3. Wow, thanks! That was exactly what I was looking for!!
  4. So let us know if you are missing anything. I think most people didn't save this list so they don't realize what they didn't get.
  5. Yeah that's probably the reason why the SM crew deleted the list from the site...
  6. The total value of theBABOM should be at least 685 bucks. If just 1 cent is missing, I'll let you know :)
  7. Seriously, that's why I think they are being deceptive and why so many people are so happy with the box. They didn't pay attention to what they were promised. Yes, it's a lot of product, but it's NOT what was promised.

    Deceptive, immoral and simply wrong.
  8. Mr Eric answers me every time I ask for help... That's nice. But in todays email...

    I mean, 500 bucks...? The box is supposed to be worth $685 (and over $750 if you were one of the first 50)! That's a rob of... Lets do maths... 185! Wow.

    In addition, he said...

    Oh, and of course:

  9. - And those complaints will keep on coming until it is rectified via Eric, or Jay themselves - or through The Better Business Bureau, Service Ontario, or My Attorney, OR through my purchase dispute with my credit card company.

    I suggest everyone else with ANY issue - do 3 of the above. They all cost you NOTHING and will take you less than 10 minutes to do. The Attorney will take some time and some money - but to me it's the principle not the $
  10. It appears to be a standard reply. The bottom line is the product page listed 36 items that the first 125 orders would get. 28 the next 100 would get. If you got less than those, you did not get what you were promised.

    They removed the original page and videos so unless someone saved the page, no one knows or remembers what was originally listed as being in the box.

    How do you feel about this response? Do you agree with it? Are we really getting "caught up in the small detail," or are we the ones who payed attention to what we were promised and trying to fight for it?
  11. I think this is not a small detail. As I've already stated in a post before, it's not about a trick or two. We're talking about 185 bucks of diference. That's a lot of money!
  12. Important post from Gospel Dan on The Magic Cafe:

    I'd file a complaint! Provide all the emails between you and Eric, as well as the original advertisement. Explain how you feel mislead, and did not get what you expected to get. A follow up will more than likely take place with a representative. From there, theyy will investigate your case, and more than likely resolve it for you. The thing everyone needs to keep in mind is that the consumer act is to be interpretated to protect the consumer.

    If you feel wronged, this is the course to take. I believe I posted the info last time to where you can file a complaint. This is the best route for you to take at this time.

    Any chance of finding these other four people who complained? Might as well get them to file a complaint too. Eric says that 45 people gave rave reviews while only 4 complained. I don't know how many people bought the box deal but 4 complaints is pretty high, especially if it's about the same issue.

    previous post:

    If you felt mislead, you can persue a complaint with the consumer protection board in Ontario. If you file a complaint, and your complaint is legit, I can almost assure you that you'll have another option than to settle for just an exchange. You maybe legally entitled to a complete refund, including shipping. Show how you felt mislead by the advert and the actually product you received in the complaint form. The consumer laws are pretty strict, so if you have a valid complaint, and feel mislead by not getting what you thought you paid for, you have a very good chance of getting your money back.
  13. I found a printed copy of the ad - it has many of my notes on it, but is still legible. Let me know if you want a copy.
  14. More from Dan:

    Just one last note. Most people who buy magic and feel mislead never persues the matter legally, this is why there are still magic companies who try pulling the wool over customer's eyes. The old myth of, "Once you by a secret you can't return it. Legally, you are not buying a secret. If it were a legal secret it would not be for sale. Once the item or product is being sold, it's no longer considered a secret.

    You can pose your question here for one of the legal representatives to direct you better,

    or, file a complaint with the Ontario Ministry of Consumer Services,

    Consumer Protection Branch
    5775 Yonge St. Suite 1500
    Toronto, ON M7A 2E5
    Fax: 416-326-8665

    You can do it online as well,
  15. Please send me one along!
  16. That was the exact response I got. I'm finishing up the paperwork required to dispute the charge and I'm sending all this stuff back. At this point, I'll take my money back and spend it somewhere else. If you could send me a photocopied version of that hardcopy of the website's list, that would be great. I'll PM you my email address.
  17. If I recall correctly, Jay did say in the ads that there was a very limited supply of the items that were listed for inclusion in the boxes. Whether or not he stated that this might affect the contents of each box I do not remember, but there's that.
  18. However, in an ad for the BABOM after the first 125 were sold, it was stated that there was still enough stock left to fill an additional 100 orders. Funny, they apparently didn't have enough stock to fill my order, which was part of the first 125.
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