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Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by trikuxabi, Jul 5, 2011.

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    Yes I noticed. Do you think Sankey asked him to?
  2. Probably, it wasn't deleted, it's just private. He might be adding to or editing it, so well have to keep an eye out. I'll be posting mine July 21 (tomorrow) on my channel, TheFancyWalrus1.
  3. Now What?

    So has anyone heard from Sankey and Crew at all in the past week? A member here contacted Jay through facebook and Jay replied saying to contact him directly and gave out his email. But he nor I have received a reply from "eric" or Jay directly in the last week, anyone else?

    The Better Business Bureau case states that he must reply to them by July 25th - yup this Monday, if no reply is made not sure what happens with the case - My lawyer is also looking at a case if anyone would be interested in the people agains Sankey Magic Co. which would be for... False Advertisement, Unlawful Advertisements (I.e. bait & switch), As well as the fact that he also believes that shipping was over charged - so Sankey Magic would have to prove that it actually cost the price on the bill to ship the item.

    Hope this gets solved soon as I'm sick of Sankey - but I'm not quitting this as it needs to be solved. "creators" in the magic world (mainly Jay) need to learn this is a SMALL community, and we all talk!

  4. I haven't heard anything from them. There's another review on YouTube from The12ofclubs, but it looks like he doesn't know that he's missing some stuff from his. Expect to see my video up on Sunday or Monday, my cameras been having some problems. Other than that, I'll keep asking and hope for a reply. (By the way, I posted a comment on one of Jay's videos about how I was missing stuff from my box, now the comment is gone. I'm assuming that they're hiding this from Jay...)
  5. Why all the revenge?

    I'm just wondering why everyone is so vengeful against Sankey Magic. BBB? Really? Over a super deep discounted product that you were offered an exchange on? Do you understand business? Do you understand how hard it is to run a successful business when you are marketing to such a small group of consumers? Jay is excellent at what he does-both as a businessman and as a contributor to the magic community.
  6. I agree realistic consumer guy.
  7. I agree realistic consumer guy.
  8. Why don't you post a list of what you did receive so those of us who were satisfied can understand all this anger?
  9. The biggest reason I and i believe others are continuing this is due to the way we were treated when we made a complaint. In the beginning all it would have taken from Jay was an I'm sorry, is there a possible way to rectify the situation? Instead I received emails from his customer support team bashing me along with my website, rude comments, etc.

    You're right it is a small community to market to - Jay should realize this fact because as a small community we all talk - and many from reading these emails from myself, eric, and others who have complained have boycotted Sankey Magic.

    If that isn't enough I contacted my credit card company and faxed them ALL documents I had about the situation - 3 individuals agreed it was shady, and that something needed to be done. This company has launched an investigation with the possibly outcome of suspending the use of their card with this company.

    Also My BBB case is to close in the next 2 weeks :)

  10. A lawyer? what are the damages? what are you hoping to gain? Even if the box was only half full it was still a good deal. Are you trying to punish Jay? I think you might be a little sensitive my friend. What was in your box? Mine was missing some stuff too but I still know a good deal when I see one.
  11. Allen - yes is was a huge discount on items, but we didn't buy a box of "over $500 worth of magic for $180", we bought a specific list of items for $180 and those items weren't delivered. The CPB and BBB are avenues consumers can take to protect themselves. The CPB doesn't take these things lightly. They will investigate and respond with appropriate actions.
  12. Indeed, this is an amazing deal for how much he could have sold it for.(A tip of the hat to Sankey for that one) But, if their going to advertise what we'll be getting in the box, I expect those items to be there. Not just for magic, but for every time I purchase something. Customer service is there to help fix problems like these, not to insult or make rude comments to customers that merly want what they paid their hard earned money for. Just my thoughts on it.
  13. Why no opposing viewpoints?

    Just curious as to why you don't want to hear any opposing viewpoints? You are now doing the same thing you are complaining about being done to you....Do you post things online so you can hear comments that are in agreement with yours?
  14. I just got booted from the FB page set up to bash Sankey. Apparently, these guys can't handle hearing anything that is in opposition to their complaining.
  15. Sorry about that Allen. We were fine until the conversation went downhill and started to become personal.
  16. So post a list of what you did get......and was the worst thing you were called "rude"
  17. Mine hasnt arrive yet... Where the h**l is it? I really want to see if it has everything...
  18. I am not the one who is making this a personal matter. Why was I removed? I have not questioned anyone's intelligence, as mine was, I am simply taking a position opposite of yours. Apparently, removing posts that bring about discussion as opposed to agreement is your modus operandi. If you want everyone to agree with you, perhaps the internet isn't the vehicle you should be using to promote your dissatisfaction.
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