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Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by trikuxabi, Jul 5, 2011.

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    wow just had a speedy response
  2. I had the magic cafe page opened and went out for while. When I got back home I saw your post and was able to copy from the mc page that I left open (no browser refresh).

    It's also posted on our Sankey Magic Complaints Facebook page. He can't censor us there.

    BTW - I LOVE THEORY11 for letting us have this conversation here. Kudos to them!!!
  3. I thought the same thing... makes me sick. What a sorry marketing scheme...
  4. Why did you remove the note from Eric/Jay?
  5. Wooooooooooooowwww that was a long read. I hate it when my heroes turn into raving horrors. Jay Sankey... This is gonna be crazy-tough to recover from.
  6. I just got around to filing my complaint with the BBB in Ontario. Interested to see the Sankey Magic has one complaint filed in the past year (this is not mine - I'm sure more will come), but has a score of D+.

    "Customer not satisfied with business response; BBB did not find business made good faith effort to resolve complaint (1)"
  7. Sankey is ****ed now.
  8. Hahaha. That's awesome. Sankey can't do crap.

    I think that we should all thank T11 for allowing this thread to run as long as it has.
  9. SSSShhhhh. They shut down the other Sankey thread. Don't draw attention to this one. It'll disappear faster than you can say Candle Ja.....

  10. Yeah let's keep it to the facts. We are very grateful that theory11 is giving us a place to be heard. We don't want to ruin that opportunity. Thank you Chris and T11.
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    Hey guys,

    Got email from Sankey and guess what happened? They put down the wrong address on my order. You know what they say, misery breeds opportunity, and BOY do I not want to spoil this.

    PM me if you want the details of our latest conversation. I'd hate to have the plan fall apart due to my bragging.
  12. ...what? Is this a good thing or a bad thing?
  13. VERY good. C'mon, PM me and I'll explain about it (can't discuss here... what if "they" see it?)
  14. Hey gang. Fans have been telling me about this thread for weeks. I assumed it couldn't be as bad as they said, but wow, it really does have a nasty-spirited, 'bashing' vibe.

    If you review the thread, you'll see it's mostly the same, small handful of people complaining about my big box of magic promotion. But the fact is that the OVERWHELMING MAJORITY of my real fans totally celebrated the spirit and the value of the promotion.

    "I knew when I saw the videos that I was in for a treat. But when I opened that Big Ass Box, Jay Sankey you are my personal hero."-Matt Phillips

    Mind you, it's not like the promotion didn't have it's hitches. When people heard that I was pretty much GIVING AWAY over $500 in dvds for only $129, the buzz jumped from big to INSANE. We received a storm of emails asking to order the big box even before it was even released.

    "Opening my BABOM was like opening a treasure chest!!! Rrrrrr!! Thanks Jay, this is GREAT!!"-Gerarld Slone

    Then on the release day, the traffic jammed the website, and we immediately started getting more emails. And not nice ones either. Lots of anger, criticism, name-calling and blaming. Can you believe it? Man was that disappointing for me. I understand how a jammed site can be frustrating, but the WHOLE IDEA behind the 'big box promotion' was for it to be a customer appreciation event! A big, fun, grinning THANK YOU to all my awesome fans. But something about the big box event seemed to attract a greater percentage of 'less than gracious' people than any of my other events in the past.

    "Just wanted to say that the Big-Ass box of Magic was received and wow- is it amazing. Great stuff. I'm thoroughly impressed. Please pass along my thanks to Jay and the rest of your crew. Really appreciate it."-Zach Counsil

    So the site was jammed, fans couldn't place their orders, and we decided to tweet + FB to let people know that we would be willing to 'reserve some boxes.' So a ton of reservations poured in. And then we sold-out.

    "Just got my Big Ass Box. I feel guilty for receiving all of this stuff -thanks so much!"-Alexander Thal

    And then as soon as word got out that there were none left, guess what? MORE angry, pissed off, unfriendly emails, demanding this, accusing us of that. I know many companies put up with a lot of rude and even abusive customers in order to not lose a sale, but that's NOT how we are at Sankey Magic. We are a small company, and we have nurtured very friendly, familiar relationships with an awesome group of loyal, long-term customers.

    "Got the BABOM today!!! Holy cow there is a lot of good stuff in there! Thanks for the great deal, Jay!"-Mark Vallancourt

    And as for complaints about us substituting products, from the first day of the big box promotion we warned of limited quantities on some of the items, but promised that if we sold out of a product, and a substitution was required, it would be for a product of equal or greater value.

    But I felt so badly about the jammed site that I decided to include an autograph in every box, and also told my staff to include a few BONUS products, not in the first 50 boxes as advertised ---but in EVERY SINGLE BOX.

    "The big box is even bigger than I thought. Jay IS Santa Claus. Can't thank you enough."-Max Richards

    I also wrote a special 'thank you note' to be included in the first 125 boxes, but because of a misunderstanding in our shipping dept, the letter was included in all the boxes, which has lead to a few misunderstandings. Definitely a ball we dropped.

    "Just opened my box. Truly mind-blowing. The box is definitely one of the best purchases I have ever made."- Sean Gross

    And now, what do we have? A bunch of guys posting a lot of mean-spirited comments and even TOTAL LIES about me, my staff and the big box. For example, there have been a few posts claiming that 'because of all the customer complaints' I've been contacted by credit card companies and law offices. In over 25 years of business I have never ONCE been contacted by an upset credit card company or anybody from any legal organization whatsoever. Just more BS, spread by haters with too much time on their hands.

    "Just wanted to send a "BIG ASS" thank you to you! I got my Big Ass Box of Magic today! What an awesome deal. I dont now how you do it man. So much stuff for so little dinero. Thanks again!"- Derek Ichimura

    The truth is, we've received LESS THAN 10 complaints about the 'big box,' which is about average for almost any product we've released (there really IS no pleasing some people.) And in some of those cases we've even offered to EXCHANGE the big box for other products of equal value. And many of you will know how truly RARE an offer to exchange is in the magic industry.

    "I love the variety of DVDs and tricks that came with the package."-Greg Blythe

    Anyway, I just wanted to add a bit of 'reality' to this thread. Thanks very much for taking the time to read these words. I sincerely appreciate it. Long live real magic.


    PS. Most of the glowing reviews I've included in this post are from customers who received at least a few substitutions in their big box.

    PPS. A couple of days before the launch of the Big Box, we double-checked our math. Turns out many of the boxes actually did NOT contain 'over $500 in products' as advertised. Many of them contained over $600.
  15. Rubbing my face against a drycast wall...

    I was going to post two things, but now it's three.

    I hate to do this, but ever since MC did some "house cleaning" I am "replying with quote." This will appear to be a long post, but hear me out.

    1) It's ironic to say that emails sent to Jay have been "rude". If anyone can recall what the PS part from Jay's post on the magic cafe said, it said GospelDan needed to take his meds. When I called you out on it, my posts and several other peoples' "critical" posts were removed. I'm also fairly sure that PS part was edited out, but not to worry, it is here to stay in theory11 (page 12). You sure are in the position to call other people rude.

    *Facepalm* I'm not analyzing through all of this, but people, I implore you to step back and look at Jay's post. Emotion laden words ("grinning THANK YOU"), testimonials of "satisfied customers" (geez where's that BABOM page?), and squashing the opposition's POV.

    And don't worry people. Jay can't silence me here in theory 11 (which btw is awesome for letting us have this conversation). But if worse comes to worse, I will continue this discussion on facebook.

    2) I can't believe nobody has mentioned this but don't you guys find it interesting that no other retailers are carrying the Slyder? I don't know what goes on behind dealer board meetings, but it seems to me that the following criteria may have had a role in their decision.

    a) low BTR sales
    b) outrage over BTR
    c) outrage over BABOM
    d) a mixture of the above

    3) Lastly, I really want to know more about this legal stuff. When is the CBP responding to this case? Is there a civil lawsuit going on? Are the canadian feds on this? According to GospelDan from the facebook page, charges include mail fraud and false and misleading advertisement. They sound pretty serious and could have some harsh consequences. But only if there indeed is legal action.

    Even though I didn't purchase BABOM, I have been on the receiving end of the crappy Bending the real product. So I know how aweful it is to get tricked. Thank you for reading.

  16. Currently on the BBB the "SCAMkey Magic" crew have a rating of D+ due to many reasons you can check on the web including...

    "Customer not satisfied with business response; BBB did not find business made good faith effort to resolve complaint"

    Also - elsewhere Jay (not eric) posted that he answers the majority of his emails and has not been ignoring anyone. Well Jay - every single email I've received has been from this Eric tool, I've not ONCE received anything from you. As for ignoring, I've sent 3 emails in the past two weeks with no reply what so ever, once again you go back on your word.

    When trying to confirm that an "Eric" even worked for Jay the BBB states "BBB does not have sufficient background information on this business. BBB made one or more requests for background information from the business. BBB has not received a response from this business and/or has not been able to verify information received from this business."

    Feel free to give Jay a call and tell him how you feel about his new "Bait&Switch effect" (416) 466-4431
    444 - 283 Danforth Avenue, Toronto, ON M4K 1N2

    As i've said from the start of all of this I'd be happy to even receive 5/10 items I was missing and a PERSONAL apology (not one signed with a fake name) for the rudeness in emails, lack of customer service and this totally royal F*** up
  17. Bad news... turns out the situation isn't so good at all. They turned on me and I got my refund.

    At least I don't lose anything... but I did want the box, so I suppose that's a disappointment. I'll be posting our conversations later today. Keep your eyes peeled :)

    (btw razemagic already knows the details)
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    While I respect the fact you took the time to respond, I feel you continue to avoid answering my questions about the missing items that were promised in this promotion.

    Let’s not point fingers. Let’s not talk about credit card company reports, or anything else. Let’s simply look at the facts for the sale of the BABOM.

    Since you’ve taken the time to publicly respond to this thread, perhaps you can also take the time to address these issues and questions about the Big Ass Box Promotion:

    1. Will you post the product descriptions you had for the first 125 boxes and the second 100 boxes along with the original videos?
    a. We are challenging that you did not provide the items that were promised on the product description page and videos.
    b. You can easily prove us wrong by reposting the product page and videos.

    2. Is this statement true? The product description for the first 125 boxes stated that all boxes would include 36 items? (These items were listed in the description and videos, “HERE’S WHAT’S INSIDE ‘THE BIG ASS BOX OF MAGIC….”.)
    My box received only 24 of these items.

    3. Is this statement true? The product description for the second 100 boxes stated “Your 'BIG ASS BOX' will still include AT LEAST 28 of the original 36 products featured on Jay's popular YouTube videos! And we'll replace the other items with products of EQUAL or GREATER VALUE.”

    In your post you wrote, “I also wrote a special 'thank you note' to be included in the first 125 boxes, but because of a misunderstanding in our shipping dept, the letter was included in all the boxes, which has lead to a few misunderstandings. Definitely a ball we dropped.”

    This was the first time I've heard this. Even if my box was one of the second 100 (that wasn’t the product description when I ordered), I only received 24 of the original items, not 28.

    4. The product description stated “And we'll replace the other items with products of EQUAL or GREATER VALUE.”
    My box had replacement items valued at $130. The missing items had a value of $225. This is a difference of $95. Clearly my replacement items were not equal or greater value.

    I have written you at a couple times and have not received a response.


    Note to readers: If anyone wants to view the product description, I happened to save a copy of it and it can be downloaded here:

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    That is too bad.
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