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  1. Hey all,

    I am setting up doing a simple parlor act and I want to do a book test. I have been flipping through a handful, but I don't like the ones I have found so far. Any advice on what I should look for???

    Thanks =)
  2. What are you looking for in a book test?
  3. And what have you looked at so far?
  4. If price is no expense, and all you're looking for is the revelation of a single thought of word, the best is the Mother of All Book Tests.

    Unless of course you're looking for a themed booktest of some sort, then perhaps you should look toward the Outlaw booktests.
  5. I love book tests. They are one of my favorite things to perform. I never found a "out of the book" book test, I had to combine elements from a bunch of different ones to find one that suit me. I don't know if your luck will be the same but its something to think about.
  6. I have the three digit to 1089 one, then I have one where you use a quarter or coin of some kind to force a page. Then you just force the first word that they see.

    As far as what am I looking for, honestly, I don't know. I just want to roam some other ones, and see what I like. I don't like math questions, because those can be figured out too easily (even before I was a magician I was figuring these ones out). Mainly I just want to see what else is out there, and maybe I would like that instead.
  7. Ok, sure.

    Here are some ideas.

    As mentioned before, the Mother of All Book Tests (MOABT) by Ted Karmilovitch.
    For a walkaround booktest: Try Luna from Outlaw Effects.
    For an impromptu booktest: Try Alain Nu's Work Works II (But get Work Works I as well, although that's not impromptu, but still brilliant).
    For a recent booktest: Try Devin Knight's Wordsight.
    For an out of book booktest as requested above (I assume you mean, a booktest that doesn't stick with a book: Try The Billion Monkeys Book Test by Joshua Quinn in ParaLies.

    And my personal favourite for booktests: Jon Thompson's Naked Book Test. Absolutely brilliant. I've done this over the phone and the internet as well. Any book, any page, any word, completely impromptu.

    Please note that these are just some suggestions to look up for each category. I do not have most of these, I cannot vouch for most of these - but I've heard good things about all of them, and they're worth checking out.
  8. Prae brought out some really good ones but i have learned that from the 20 or so book tests that i have tested i always come back to The Hoy Method.

    Simple and hard hitting.

  9. I still use the Hoy Book test it is far and away the best impromptu book test.

    The Brook Test is another brillant book test.

    My personal routine with books is based on the Hoy Test. Without a book my invisible book test uses the BMBT TC and the other amazing Hoy idea (the Rashmon Princple) to make an amazing effect.
  10. marc pauls AAA book test is the way to go me thinks its just sooo good for stage and close up hope this helps.

    all the best
    Trixs92 :D
  11. I'd recommend (as Prae mentioned) the Billion Monkeys Book Test, from Josh Quinn's book ParaLies. Completely fantastic routine, and you will use the principle in other tricks as well.
  12. I use a Tossed Out Book test that uses Hoy's principle.

    I also use a book test that you peek a certain word on the page facing you and it matches up with the word they are looking at on the opposite page but there is no way for them to know that. Not sure what the exact Book Test name is but is is very easy and ingenious. Bought it at a magic auction for 8 bucks.
  13. Really? But you hear all sorts of rumours about that book test, and about the author as well. I'm not sure if I could take him, or anything he releases for that matter, at all seriously.
  14. I didn't say you should take him seriously - only that I am partial to it ;)
  15. Haha, fair enough. Who says magic has to be serious anyway? After all, I hear it's the most topical and hilarious book test on the market!

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