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  1. Hey everybody,
    my birthday is coming up soon and i was looking into getting a book test, but i don't know all the different kinds out there. I'm thinking of getting Mark Mason's Word in a Million because i went to his lecture and i like the way it works. I was wondering if there are any other better book tests that I could get. Thank you, I'm open to any suggestions!

  2. I think any word in a million is an excellent book test. some people complain about the method, but I find it works really well.
  3. i like how its dead on everytime without any fishing and asking questions. And also it doesnt have to be a word, you could have them draw a picture of the word or image. But then again I'm not very familiar with book tests, so i thought i should ask.
  4. I've always liked the classic Hoy Book Test. Totally impromptu. Richard Osterlind has a nice handling and has put some nice touches on it. You can see his performance here:
  5. The Hoy book test is amazing it is just so bold.

    Joshua Quinn has so many nice ones in Paralies.

    Marc Spelmann has probably one of the fairest one in 101108
  6. check out paul brook's "brook test"
  7. I love The Billion Monkeys Book Test from the book Paralies by Joshua Quinn.

    +There's a few others in there as well.
  8. Has anyone tried the Longhi Book Test?
  9. I have a good book test from james biss. I think its a replica of the MOAB. I have a performance of it in the media section. You should check it out. Its pretty fair.
  10. Yeah, MOAB is a beautiful test - One of the best in my opinion. I've not seen Biss' (minus the performance Peter did) but if it uses the same technique, it's very fair.

    There's a little memory involved, but it's worth it. Killer test.

    I've often used a simply force and interesting reveal, it's very effective. Simple hits hard. :)

  11. Yeah its relatively the same. you should check out my video in the media section. The memorization is easy and there are a few ways to go about it.

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