Brian Tudor. Ugh.

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  1. Here's my latest rant and video posting about Brian Tudor. Would love to hear your thoughts on the guy, in favour of him or against him.
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    Statements retracted. I don't want to get involved with this one.
  3. is it really still even relevant? i haven't heard anything from or about him in a long time. And regardless of his personality, and his personal choices he does have chops.

    still a douche though
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  5. this video has been posted countless of times...please rant about something else...
  6. while i agree with you Draven about performers, i think teachers have more liberty there. You can choose to teach anyway you choose, and any material you choose. It is up to the students to take what they will from it. Tudor is presenting material, in an arrogant, ill tempered and rude way, but some of his material is actually pretty good. You can take away from that whatever you want. I have several professors whose view points and teaching methods i dont agree with, but its MY duty as a student to still extract the information from between those differences. Yes tudor is a jerk yeah, he's not the best teacher, but he's got chops. Angel on the other hand, has far less skill, is still a jerk, and is in the public eye, so im not sure how good of a comparison it is.
  7. "Silent, still reactions are better than people clapping and cheering for your magic? Yeah, okay. Just because you've never had the latter reaction, it doesn't mean the unimpressed silence that you mistake for awestruck bewilderment is better."

    Assumptions, assumptions. Ever seen him perform? Also, you're taking him to literally when he's talking about reactions. I agree with him that a dumbstruck reaction is much more powerful than a laughing and a cheering one. A reaction when they're literally lost for words, like described in AoA.

    "The Charlier Cut sucks? Really? Okay, whatever you say. I don't want you to fly out here to battle me in card magic and flourishing... because, in the event that you lost, I wouldn't want the Tudor Thunder brought down upon me. I'm sure I'd be Zipped, Snapped, Inversion-Somersaulted and called a Dumb Motherf***er."

    He's saying the charlier cut sucks as a flourish, which it does, compared to most other one handed cuts.

    "Isn't it fun to go on angrily ranting about stuff you have no clue about? At least most people as untalented as you know they're untalented. Brian Tudor, I can't imagine what could possibly possess people to think you're any sort of magician or performer. You're like the school yard bully who frightens the lunch money out of his peers. Well, there's no room for you on our playground."

    Ok? So you have a clue what Tudor's on about? How do you know there isn't justification behind what he's saying and doing? Have you met the guy? Ever dealt with him? Or are you just making assumptions based on one video where he gets pissed? Have you ever seen him perform to be able to make a judgment on his talent, or are you just assuming that he sucks because he's a bit of a dick in his videos, and you feel like you should be flaming him for it?
  8. You know, I've always wondered if he actually DOES get booked for any gigs at all, or if his main source of income is doing lectures/yelling at people and making poorly made DVD's. (which still isn't a lot, because the majority of magicians out there, even the great ones. Usually don't make that much money on their products.).

    His attitude, just shows me that he's been mocked and yelled at by enough people that he thinks everybody hates him. Which is a big problem for him, because like Will said. Him having such an attitude will and can get out to people who MIGHT want to hire you, then they see some video of you pretty much acting like a total ass. Now your chances with them are pretty much shot and your reputation, no matter how skilled you are. Is also down the drain.

    I think the guy is skilled, but I think his skill only really serves him. I don't even know what he does on the side to make money. Because his attitude just makes him unappealing to potential clients.
  9. Great response...but like his blog...he won´t answer any of this...he just like to rant and leave...
  10. are there actually clients that book "flourishing" acts? i dont care what De'vo says, its not a real marketable skill, its a personal hobby and endeavor that can be used to produce products. Im not knocking flourishing, i love it and enjoy seeing it, but on its own... i dont see it bringing in the cash.
  11. Neither do magic DVD's. Magicians in general are a very small market and most guys who put out products, tend to not make very much money from their books or DVD's. Which is why a lot of the guys putting out DVD's or books, tend to have side jobs or make the majority of their money actually performing for high paying clients. Brian Tudor doesn't seem like he does that, and his DVD's probably serve a smaller market then people who buy Dan and Dave DVD's or any other flourish DVD's as well.

    Which could actually be the reason he is a complete douche. He's jealous of everybody else doing better than him financially when he's still barely scrapping the barrel and working at his part time job at Wal-Mart.
  12. please please please do not say tudor is untalented.... just stop man re-evaluate what you just wrote... tudor has mad chops
  13. that was my point. POINT STEALER!!!
  14. Can i just ask, to all you guys saying that you don't make much money out of magic DVDs, is this an empirical view you're taking? You guys have all made them, put them out, and found yourself potless?
    Have to say i think you're under-estimating how easily today's technology allows us to produce our own DVDs, and the mediums through which you can sell them. I've seen some wonderful clips in the Media section of Theory 11, brilliantly produced and shot. If i bought a DVD of that quality i would not be disappointed, yet these are made by ordinary folks with an HD Cam and a basic editing program. Creating and selling a DVD is cheap and effective, and i see no reason why - if the material is there - it won't make you money. In fact magic DVDs - or anything esoteric for that matter - sell for more money because of their subject matter. It's why i paid way more money for Luke Jermay's Building Blocks than i would have for another book of that size. It's the content you pay for, no the quality.

    As for Tudor, he may talk like an extra in a Scorsese flick but the man was doing good stuff before some of us had even picked up a deck. As such, he must feel a little peeved that people have come along and far exceeded anything he himself has done but, i feel that he should be shown some respect, even if his opinions are a little.......self-serving.
  15. Umm...I hate to spoil the illusion, but I think it's highly likely that Tudor isn't being entirely serious in his presentation on Showoff 3. It seems to me that he's just playing a "bad guy wrestler" sort of role to provoke a reaction, and it's worked, so well done Brian!

    The shooting of that DVD would have taken at least a day, and no-one maintains a constant level of genuine anger for that length of time, especially when you're concentrating on performing flourishes. He had a crew involved, the shots would have been planned, rehearsed, and filmed with multiple takes. Therefore, he's just performing.
  16. Oh I'll respond.

    Assumptions? I've not made any assumptions here. I'm just trying to be sharp. I'm not assuming that those are the reactions Tudor gets, I'm just saying based on his attitude its a huge glaring possibility... And a very funny one at that. It's just a humorous observation and you guys REALLY need to lighten up if that isn't already obvious enough.

    You guys don't seem to realize that a lot of this blog is for entertainment purposes. I often exaggerate to make a point but honestly, you can't take my posts totally seriously. I'm not an idiot and I know exactly what I'm doing.

    The Charlier Cut does NOT suck... In fact it's a good building block for many of the other newer one-handed cuts... Same goes for the Erdnase One-Handed Shift. A LOT of newer one handed cuts are possible because of these two aforementioned cuts.

    And finally, I shouldn't NEED to respond. It's a rant.
  17. Chops don't necessarily constitute talent. Just sayin'.
  18. just gonna say this...i hate tudor and i hate his 'style' its "fast" but its way to sloppy and it doesnt look smooth the way card magic or flourishing should look like...i know this had nothing to do with magic dvds but i just wanted to say this

  19. Oh Michael... quit being so crass.

    ...don't hurt me!
  20. The man is very skilled, and I credit him with pioneering the art of flourishes and fast paced sleight of hand. regardless of his attitude, I pay him high respect.

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