Brian Tudor. Ugh.

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  1. Never mind. I retract my statement.
  2. Tudor is talented. He's worked hard to get those "chops". I respect him for the hard work he puts into his works.
    Too many people jump on him because he's not a good teacher; because they're not De'vo quality.
    I actually like SOWC 3.
    He had some good points. The most being don't practice crap because it's a waste of time.
  3. No one has stopped to think that maybe that clip was edited in a way to make him look bad?
  4. Why do you think I retracted my earlier statement?
  5. So what you're essentially doing is picking out somebody's faults, exaggerating them, and then pointing them out to the rest of the world with the intention of getting a bit of a laugh? In school, that's known as 'bullying' and generally gets you in rather serious trouble.
  6. Agreed. How does tearing someone else down make the OP or any of us better magicians?
  7. In a few ways.

    1. When someone (eg Brian Tudor, me, or you) puts their image and ideas into a creative work and sells it, they are tacitly offering said content for review and criticism. Every single bit of criticism, whether justified or not, constructive or not, represents a human being's reaction to your work, and is therefore useful to a performer who wishes to control audience response. The performer can analyse the critique, abuse, or praise to ascertain exactly what elements of the presentation elicited the response, enabling future output to be honed.

    2. Taking the role of devil's advocate, adopting a deliberately contrary position, fuels debate and can serve to shake people out of a complacent, unthinking point of view. In other words, when you've settled into a rut of responding with a standard-issue, knee-jerk reaction on a given subject, hearing an alternative, extreme take on that issue should inspire you to examine your own motivation and study your own logic. This way, you can assess whether your views are based on rationality or comfort. This is useful for us as people, and, when the subject relates to magic, us as magicians.

    3. It's a good way to get publicity. The "angry" presentation worked for Brian Tudor, as that clip is endlessly shared and posted around the internet, and "ranting" may work for Michael too if he really hits a nerve. You could argue that getting publicity doesn't make you a better magician, but it gets you a bigger audience, and therefore more people to critique you, which, ultimately, does help you become a better magician.
  8. You are posting from a position of ignorance....

    I would agree with you but then we'd both be wrong.....
    Obviously Mr.Tudor is correct on this one....hes correct all the me....getting cheap laughs and having them cheer is not what magic is about...A cheap clown can get those kinds of reactions....A better reaction is when the audience is make no mistake about it.

    Yes it does....Mr.Tudor has created over 7 one handed cuts...all of them are waaaaaaay better and superior than the Charlier... so basic logic dictates that the Charlier sucks....

    Mr.Tudor loves to battle...however he does not waste his time with nobodies....

    Yes u would lose....

    Mr.Tudor does not rant about stuff he has no clue about....
    Don't get insulted, but is your job devoted to spreading ignorance??????
    Mr.Tudor says that you should work on things that will actually pay off...don't waste it working on crap....Tudor material is not crap so practice practice practice....everything Mr.Tudor mentions is accurate and correct....

    You either don't have a clue or find comfort in these delusions of ignorance....
    If u are talking about flourishes... that is his art...he created modern card flourishes....He released the first ever vhs teaching strictly flourishes...he created and released the first dvd teaching card magic being performed to music...He created magic + flourish no bs magic....
    Mr.Tudor is the most talented man in this decade of this generation.....

    You seem to enjoy posting from a position of ignorance..... Maybe you should see more of his material,understand his impact on modern card magic and post less until you are up to speed....

    however you will never catch up....Brian Tudor is just too fast.
  9. Hey, Elite Prestidigitation, do you have any other names, like "BrianationX", or "The Hecker"?
    Just wondering.
  10. Tearing somebody down on the internet doesn't help anybody. Specially when the thing that is being taken apart is a edited video, and when that person will most likely never see or read any of the angry posts aimed toward it. It's like yelling at a brick wall. You're not doing anything besides wasting your energy and making yourself look like a complete fool.
  11. unless its Bristol Palin....or her mom
  12. Please keep this thread on track and don't bring in any discussion relating to politics. This is not a political forum (That's what MSNBC forums are for :) ).
  13. MSNBC forums are for noobs. Political science =/= science. Political science = bull!@#$.

    Anyways... Brian Tudor's a noob. A class-a douche with real chops who either uses a bridge deck or officially has hands larger then clown shoes.

    Oh, and I wonder if his mother ever told him about Double Rainbows, but seeing as he thinks he's "God's gift to card manipulation", I doubt it.

    'Nuff said.
  14. For the love of frosted chocolate chip covered origami calamari people... put the defibrillator away and just let this thread die.
  15. Maybe a moderator should kill it....

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