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  1. Hey, trying to film magic, montages, cardistry and some drift RC. I'm using my ipad and I want a fish eye lens, there are 180 degree ones, and one that is 235 degrees. Which one should I get, or both? Thanks- Victor
  2. do yourself a favor... do not get a fish eye lens.
  3. Listen to this guy
  4. No! Dear god, no! Absolutamente no! Nein! Nyet! Po stokroć nie!

    A fish eye lens distorts the image. Its applications are extremely limited outside of scientific use. It's primarily used in meteorology and in the case where you plan to project the image onto a hemispherical screen. I guarantee you that there is absolutely no practical use for it in recording your magic. None whatsoever. You're going to waste your money and time on a lens that's only going to make your recordings look like they were recorded through the eyes of someone who just took half a blotter of LSD.

    What did you think you were going to accomplish with this thing?
  5. I can't help you with regards to the difference of the two lenses but don't let the nay sayers put you off. I've seen some good videos shot with a fish eye. If you have a vision go for it! If anyone has a problem with that they can suck a lemon.
  6. There's a caveat there. How many of those projects were shot by professional videographers?

    The fisheye lens is a tool. And not all tools can be used for every job. I've seen a lot of amateurs use these lenses as a cheap gimmick. Sure they had vision, but how much actual skill did they possess.
  7. Look... I'm only relatively okay at magic, but I do know slightly more about a camera. Thing is, while there is that rare shot you can get with a fish eye lens that looks decent, it's not worth your money to get a lens strictly for that. You're better off just editing your footage to give it that fish eye look. I have yet to find footage using a fish eye lens that I actually like. Save some money and get yourself a 50mm lens. Then again, you did say you're using your ipad, so I don't know what options are available for that.

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