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Card Force Without Cards

Jun 6, 2010
Nashville, TN
Hey guys. So what I'm looking for is a good source to find a phsycological card force. And tips on performing them. I tried creating one and it works like 2% of the time so I'm looking for a better one.

Thanks. :)
Aug 10, 2008
In a rock concert
Since I speak Spanish, most conventional forces doesn't work for me, but I studided some basics and principles that have helped me so far:

Most people when told to think of a card, they do not create the card in that moment, they are going back into their minds to recolect information so that thety can make up a card. A suggestion is where you fill those holes giving their minds the information right away, so that they don't go back in to recover a memory in order to make up a card.

For example. Do a card trick, do a couple of other tricks that doesn't involve cards, and then ask them to think a card and then to tell you that card. You'll find that aprox. 45% of people will tell you the card they saw during the trick. Or something really really similar, like the same number with a diferent symbol and things like that.

The force that I use is the following, it works like 60% percent of the time (But I still got my outs in case they fail)

You start by asking them to think of a suit like this:

"Do you know the four suits right? Spades, diamonds, CLUBS ( I snap my fingers at this point and I make a little emphasis on the word) and hearts. Think one of them now "( I snap my fingers. I used the snapping before so that I could link in their minds the CLUBS with the snapping).

They will mostly not think about the suits on the ends, and because of the little emphasis, they will think in that suit most of the time.

Now the number. Because I speak spanish, I usually force the 3 of clubs this way:

"Necesito que te concenTRES (Also showing to their periferial vision the number three with my fingers.) so that you cna come up with a number (I draw the three in the air).

In english there are some words that have the numbers spelled into their letters, I don't remember one right now, but you can use the same principle. O yes, I remember one " Do me a favour and think a number FOUR your suit"

Things like that.

I also flash the three of clubs a little bit at the bottom of the deck in the beggining, so that image goes straight to their memory bank.

It has worked somewhat efficiently for me.

Further more you can check this products for Psy forces of a card in english:

I Hope that helps :)
Dec 23, 2007
Fredonia, NY
buy Derren Brown's "The Devil's Picturebook". BAR NONE one of the best purchases i ever made. Really will accelerate your magic. Has a great mix of card magic and mental magic with some really great mental forces. Trust me, you will love the dvd, and the extra stuff you pick up between the methods will make you a better magician.
There's also Docc Hilford's Projected Force which is similar to Derren's (and in fact I believe it preceded Derren's by a good amount). Plus the suit force is much less odd looking than Derren's and more natural. Docc's can be found in Bride of Monster Mentalism or in Killer Konceptions by Kenton Knepper. It's not 100% but Docc claims like 80% or more accuracy. I've only got maybe 30%.

Silent Running is one that works 100% of the time but pumping is required and the method might be more transparent. But if you have the right patter and know how to disguise the method, it's pretty ingenious and like I said, 100% successful.

My favorite may be Richard Osterlind's Mircale Thought Projection (found in his book Mystique). The reason I like it is because it's not about getting one card right, it's maybe forcing three cards in a row and a bunch of subtleties to turn misses into hits. It does not work 100% of the time, but I've probably gotten about 80% accuracy with it. But I would say this force is not for everyone and might actually be the riskiest one to try.
Jan 11, 2011
Now the number. Because I speak spanish, I usually force the 3 of clubs this way:
"Necesito que te concenTRES (Also showing to their periferial vision the number three with my fingers.) so that you cna come up with a number (I draw the three in the air).

Wayne Houchin teaches similar thing on Stigmata DVD, and it's way to force 7 (which should work in any language, I think).
Jun 6, 2010
Nashville, TN
Thanks for the good advice everyone. And I tried that "snap" thing today at school and it worked about 3/5 times. I'lll check out all the products you reccommended so thanks. :)
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