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  1. lol thnx MLB! :) i told u ill stick to magic
  2. Haha, :D
    Work on it some more!:)
  3. Well I've been flourishing for about 2 years now and I have seen thousands of videos so I guess I'll help you guys out:) If anyone wants some adivce/tips about your video/move then I'll gladly help.
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    It was alright, but if that was the Anaconda Dribble in the begninning, you better add some height to it!:D

    As for you Mr.Garry, it was awesome.

    In Fin at 0:32 seconds, I also came up with that variation of Furious Angels!:D


    I liked the aerial card in the carafan fan. It was smooth and fast, but at one part, you were having a hard time getting another packet off of the main packet because of the unique hand position.


    It was great to see a collaboration!!! How in the world did you learn the Infinity Sequence? It was smoother than Fin. Really loved some of the orginial stuff by Jay.

    Cutting the Deck:

    I'm really SCARED OF YOU NOW!!! But that's great creativity! The knife really fit in with the armspreads, fans, and cuts. Did you get any cuts from the knife?

    Cutting the Deck 2:

    A totally different mood from the first one with Rock/Heavy Metal. You seem much more skilled with the knife and I saw you use the bottom of the knife! Even more creativity than the 1st and it was done and a great pace!

    Moneyz R US:

    I've seen this one before, and I really like it! You included the Infinity Sequence and it was AWESOME! You did more flourishing from the back of your hand, and it was REAL smooth! And one flourish was almost a little too fast for me to appreciate its beauty.


    "An error occured" is all it says, I'll watch it next time. It was probably awesome though...:D

    Battle Vs. Jaspas:

    It would have been a close battle! But I haven't seen Jaspas's video. I've seen it before as well.

    Notions In Mothin:

    Probably one of my favorites out of all your videos. It really shows originality. And I LOVE the fan that you do on your arm?
  6. no it wasnt..

    hey dude that wasnt my tryin to convince xtremebeginner to a battle wid me(freestlyle flourishing 2) so in that battle i will surely do the anaconda.!
  7. Make sure you can AT LEAST get it from your hips to your mouth.:D
  8. i'll try my level best..!!
  9. I love your
    Dum Dum Dee Dum video! Which is the one here.
  10. Here is mine:

    I did not have a lot of time, I jsut returned from a party and I decided to do a quick vid featuring some of the buck's moves, I kinda messed on the maryjane but I was too lazy to shoot it again. No edition, just uncut :D
  11. Awesome, unediteds are awesome.;)
  12. attempt at flourishing

    I've been looking for somewhere to post this new flourish to get feedback and this seems like the perfect spot. I haven't really delved into the art of flourishing but I hope you'll enjoy it:
  13. @Insanemetalman - That flourish looks crazy cool :)

    But work on your springs! It ruined the atmosphere!

    Look at theVirts video on Youtube about the spring flourish, it's really great ;)

  14. Usually my springs are a tad bit better, haha. I was really trying to focus on getting ready to move my fingers into position because I had limited time on my camera to shoot the flourish. This one really works your ring fingers towards the middle, lol. Thanks for the feedback G::Wadstrand, I spent a lot of time on this and it means a lot.

  15. That, looks awesome :D
    I want.
  16. tutorial

    If anyone would like, I can post a tutorial for TDT on here in a week or so. There are a few variations as well (larger triangles, shifting into a sybil variation during the cut, etc.).


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