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Discussion in 'Cardistry & Flourishing Forum' started by MagicLemonBird, Jun 6, 2009.

  1. I like it! Just slow it down a tad bit so we can aprreciate it's beauty. Work on smoothness too!!! Looks awesome though.

  2. Thanks!Yeah, when I do it slower it looks smoother but I guess I kind'a have an obsession with speed T__T.I'll take your advise though !
  3. You don't have to slow it down. Make it smoother and then speed it up maybe. Personally I think it's the sort of cut that looks good done fast. However just 'cos we give you advice, doesn't mean you have to do that, it's your flourish(ing). :)
  4. Thanks I'll work on it.Well since most of the people here are waay more into flourishing and have been doing it for a lot longer (I've only been into it for 7 months) I'm opened to advices and hints.Ofc I do what I wanna do, but if someone throws a good idea, why shouldn't I try it?
  5. No, I'm not saying don't take advice or try other ideas, of course that's always good. Another persons take can be helpful. I was just getting at the fact that you should 'experiment', see what works for you. My take on it was just that speed looked good because of the type of flourish it is. You don't have to be slow, fast or whatever to make a move look smooth imo.
    Anyway, I like it, hope to see more from you :)
  6. MLB, this thread is a cool idea and I am glad to see you are dedicated!

    I am going to attempt to start coming to this thread at least once a day to check the new stuff. Heck, I might just put up a flourishing video!

    I haven't done one in a while. The oldest one I have is (warning, music is loud. Turn down speakers) but it is really old.

    I am MUCH smoother than in that video now.

    MagicLemonBird, your flourishing based on your pictures and the advice you give is far beyond your age.
  7. Thanks!, the video was great, but I saw repetitive...ness like you repeated the deck flip over on the fan.

    By the way: I'm going to make a cardistry video soon when I get my brick of Tallys.
  8. Nice, I liked it. I'm not really an expert on flourishing, so I can't give a whole lot of criticism, but it looked good, smooth, fast, and well executed, but MLB was right, it was somewhat repetitive. Good job. :)

    I'll try to make a vid sometime soon, but right now all I have is my digital camera, only records up to like....a minuet...
  9. popchris3, your springs are awesome O.O.But I think you need quite some work on cuts like bicycle and turnover for example :)

    EDIT:What's the deck at 01:10 ?
  10. I agree. crazy

    Yay 700 posts!
  11. Can you guys give me feedback on my video?
  12. You have a long way to go!:D But it's a great sign, it wasn't so smooth though and just speed it up a tad bit. Also add hand motions.
  13. I found that you hesitated each time you were about to begin the flourish and do the pivot cut.
  14. Yes, that's true. I don't do it as much anymore, but I still do it.
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