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  1. How many decks do you have in your collection?
  2. I have 278 decks stored in 3 areas.
    This is my desktop and my organizer towers. All t11 decks get housed here (I have Tycoons (both colors), Artisans (both colors), Encarded Standard Backs, Copper Rarebits, Red Monarchs, Silver Monarchs, White Gold Monarchs (V1 and V2), Contraband, Virts SS 2014 (with space for my 2015), The Framed Deck, NoMads, Tendril Ascendant, Rebels, Medallions (V1 and V2), Red Jaqks, Navy Blue Monarchs, and Mystery Box (both colors). Center cardboard box has some generic bees, tally-hos, titanium bikes, etc. Top left is my White Gold Monarchs V2 brick and 13 t11 wristbands. Top right is a brick of bicycle seconds and a fat pack of inserts and jokers I kept over the past half year. Not pictured to the right is a Mystery Lockbox (super cool).

    I keep these at the foot of my bed, these are different types of bikes (bottom two drawers) and some other custom decks.

    This is my standard bike stash for gaffing or whatever I need. I keep it in a corner as I hardly use it.

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  4. I know you had the numbers going in your signature. But the pictures really put it into perspective.

    Mighty impressive collection you have there
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  5. New addition to the collection:
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  6. Just got back from my vacation. I saw this while I was in Vegas but it's such a pain in the ass to reply off of my phone. Either way I'm dying to hear more about this deck. Also this deck much have been on the Elite section because I couldn't find them in the Playing Card section.
  7. I come back from my Vegas trip to find this greeting me in my mailbox! So Stoked!

  8. Heh, all I do on the forums is through he phone! You get used to it.

    How did Vegas go?

    Usually if a deck sells out quick (or has some form of notoriety) a bunch of them go to the elite section.

    I'm in the process in scrabbling funds together to get a Players deck; if I went through the Elite section, I'd be able to get one in a couple years. I need one in about 3-4 months.

    Sure it's $30-$40 everywhere you go, but there's a very good reason it's 7500 in the Archive for as much as it is (marked deck)
  9. Vegas went amazingly well. Although I didn't get a chance to go Card shopping. Finally fulfilled a life long dream and had a chance to see David Copperfield live! OMG, it was AMAZING and truly inspiring! Makes me want to dive into cardistry even harder now.
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  10. Good to see you're expanding your collection and enjoying the art of cardistry!
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  11. How much are you willing to spend on a Players deck?
  12. This deck looks great and handles great. It seems that theory11 sold them a couple years ago and has since been discontinued. It isn't a limited edition deck however it is nearly impossible to find on sites like eBay (as most sellers with these in stock are from Singapore or Taiwan, which could very well mean the sellers are dealing knockoffs). I managed to snag these three decks from a collector who was selling his collection (which was the last three he had) for $20 a deck (pretty pricey but it's a nice design). There is a chance that theory11 may have a couple sitting in a dark corner in their warehouse for the archive (we saw red monarchs go up long after it was discontinued) but I wouldn't place bets on it.
  13. That depends. I don't even know what a Players deck is.
  14. Yes it is.
    Pretty pricey don't ya think? (Art of play is an awesome site for the obscure and sold out designs).
  15. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE MY MADISON ROUNDERS! I loved them so much I ordered 3 black rounders and 3 white rounders earlier tonight! I wish I would have known about the Madison Players cards before that order. LOL!
  16. If they are that damn good to deserve that price, I wouldn't have a problem paying for it. Need to save up though after my recent orders.
  17. Haha, same problem here. I own a deck of Madison Dealers, they're a bit busy but I like how well the design hides the markings. I will probably buy some rounders (black and white) in the future. This is rather troublesome as I need to purchase a few things and then buy Break, and then possibly more Red Monarchs, and then the Rounders, and then some Navy Blue Monarchs, and then... you get the point. :eek::eek::eek:
  18. While I don't have any Players decks I did find this gem in one of my U-Line tubes. Elite member offers are awesome! :)
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