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  1. Dang, I seriously need to rack up some Elite member points.
  2. That was from a $50 uncut sheet set, had a mystery box, blue jaqk, players, navy blue monarchs, and bicycle guardians. I really liked the Players because it offered a way to collect the design since I don't own the deck (and per sheet the Players technically cost only $10).

    You will have your chance at becoming an elite member during the winter holidays with the contest wheel. I spent probably about ~$25 and got thousands of points.
  3. Considering what I'm willing to pay for my magic stuff, somewhere in the twenties. But it's such a low priority right now--and will stay a low priority until I complete my children's hospital routines.
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  4. Wait until December for the holiday contest and win some contests. I got 1k from the holiday contest last year and managed the win 2 contests (I was also reviewing every free cardistry tutorial until my laptop crashed. Did you know there's enough free cardistry tutorials on the Wire that if you downloaded all of hem and reviewed every one of them, you'd get close to 1K in points) So far I'm sitting at around 3347 points
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  5. Got three of these bad boys in the mail today. They look so PERFECT that I'm to afraid to open them. LOL!

  6. Nice! The problem for me is I'm always like Okay I got one deck but I need two so I can keep one sealed, or I can get three but that's a nice number so I should get four but that's close to five which is also a nice number so I ended up with eight rarebit decks. :confused:

    But trust me you will like these cards, it is totally worth opening one deck.
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  7. I received my final red monarchs in the mail today. Here is my Monarchy:
    From Left to Right:
    Navy Blue, Red, Silver, White Gold V1, White Gold V2
  8. Damn dude! And here I thought I was lucky to have 2 white monarchs. Is that a full brick behind the 10?!!
  9. Yup. As I said before, crippling card collecting addiction.
  10. It's starting to get pretty bad with me as well LOL! I have a second NOC bundle waiting for me in the mail and I just ordered a brink of Fontaine cards as well.
  11. BTW, could days ago I finally opened by RareBit deck! OMG! I freakin love those cards. I want to get a few more decks.
  12. Cool, all I can say is DO IT!
  13. Haha I got 18 virts decks backordered that should be coming in next week.
  14. I ordered a brick of Virts Decks on June 5th. I have no idea when they will be coming in though.
  15. Probably next week, did you get the email from them?
  16. I got a canned email thanking me for my order but I have not received any email confirming that my order has been shipped. Nor have I received a tracking number.
  17. The Virts sent an email on June 11 saying that the third batch would be finished by the end of this week, and that orders would ship out next week. Next week you should receive a shipping confirmation.
  18. Crossing fingers! Due to the issues they were having I wan't expecting my order until sometime in August.

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