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  1. At this rate, I'd say Porper Clip
  2. I was thinking of buying a Porper clip but if I do I might end up needing more for other decks in my collection. That could get very costly very quick.
  3. Oh yes, they run for about $20, right?

    I thought about getting one as well, but I don't have a deck all the time like I used to. That's the only reason I'd get one.
  4. Just watched 'Acrobatic' and it seems like that would be a good prelude to the Cylinder.
  5. That would be probably a really smart idea I should entertain as well.
  6. This is a really hard decision. SO MANY CHOICES! Other than your Porper Clip suggestion. I was really tempted buy the D&D card collection you sent me. I definitely want to check out those Rarebit cards as well. I didn't realize how much I liked those Theory 11 Monarch cards and I want to add a few more of those decks to my collection. Plus I would love to get a couple more Virts and Fontaine decks as well.
  7. Well let's face it you're going to eventually get them all, the question here is what to get first. :)
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  8. Also I finally crossed off the rebels on my list. Bought them from a seller, ships tomorrow. Now I'm waiting on 3 Rebels, 2 Virts SS 2014, a kickstarter deck, and my 15 Virts SS 2015 decks which haven't been printed by USPCC yet (3rd batch delayed :(). So much to keep track of...
  9. What tutorials are you looking for at the moment?

    Good pick in learning Sybil. Get 2 more to learn so you have 2 or 3 on rotation. Keep productivity high and frustration low
  10. The good ol USPS delivered my package 1 day early! Here's my virts 2014 stash:
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  11. Nice one!
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  13. I just noticed that this 2 page thread only has posts from us three. Perhaps we ought to make this a conversation instead.
  14. I'm fine either way. However, I don't mind the conversations here. It could possibly stimulate conversation from others that don't normally post. Also maybe what we actually talk about could possibly help someone else.
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  15. True, after the conversations through PM. It wouldn't be a bad idea to start the thread about Fanning Powder.
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  16. So fanning powder: Do you use it? Would you use it if you had it?
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  17. To clarify fanning powder is a white powder that cuts down on card on card friction (basically WD-40 for cards).
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  18. haha oops, found other thread.
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  19. LOL!
  20. I'll add this in here: this is my first contraband deck I ordered the day of the release. After a couple months of heavy use they are showing their age. The tuck was wearing out and the cards aren't flat anymore. One late night I thought about fixing the tab which was falling off. I stitched it with thread and I think it looks kinda neat. Gotta retire this deck soon.
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