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Discussion in 'Cardistry & Flourishing Forum' started by MitchellStafiej, Aug 1, 2009.

  1. Where's David Pedersen's ?! :eek:

    I think it's between Bao's and Garry's, both were great.
  2. thanks for making this thread!! looking through the videos r much easier right now..xD
  3. Ambrose's "WeCallItShockAffect" is my personal fav. Just can't stop watching it.

    It's good to see footage of BenYou and Jonathan.
  4. I'm only on my fifth video, and I'm already tired of this freakin' song!
  5. My favorites are:
    Victorious Secret
    Vogue Rogues
    and Midnight

    In no specific order
  6. Vogue Rogues suck. don't watch them.
  7. lol come on, dont bluff. xD ur video is damn nice! XD
  8. wow.. now it sounds like i was fishing for compliments xD.
    but thanks haha

    sorry for the low quality guys! we ran into some glitches with the HD. hope it's all good with you guys =P
  9. well for our video_FUN, we r facing some problems under the hot sun. xD

    but do enjoy it! XD
  10. AMBROSE!!!

    Dang. I didn't even realize that the same song was used in all the videos!

    I even said to myself, "Hm...I wonder why all these songs have no lyrics in them."

  11. Alright my predictions go as such:

    1. Ambrose's Group

    2. Garry's Group

    3. Eugene's Group

    Kate and Bao's team might beat out eugene because they have a better camera and stuff but I think Eugene's video was great for moves.

    You guys make your predictions. Theory11 should give away a brick of Tally's to whoever guesses right.
  12. It would be awesome if The Virts put another vid in :p

    I like the shock effect one :p

  13. I dont really have a favourite yet, but some are terrible and some are really awesome and some are a bit iffy. Ill watch them closer tomoz.

    Watch this space.

  14. They are way to busy on a secret project at the moment.

  15. They're always busy with a secret project =P

    Anyway, I thought Ambrose's video stood out the most. I wouldn't be surprised if they win =D

  16. lol garry was here :D
  17. ambrose, garry, bao

    in that order... that's how it's gonna be placed =P
    i'm going to say congrats in advanced and good job everyone!

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