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Discussion in 'Cardistry & Flourishing Forum' started by MitchellStafiej, Aug 1, 2009.

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    ......................I do not agree with
  2. come on, i'm sure u know how to read english n pls do respect others. and i dont really agree with u actually. he was just giving his own opinions while he commented on ur video_the kirin[i think it's ur video because u r chinese] n pls accept it.

    i'm a chinese n this is a place where the whole world is gathering here. pls use english as we need to respect others.

    and yes, the final judgement is belongs to the judges of coz. n i'm wondering why u reacted in such childish way. this is a big world n we r living with people where tolerant needed. if u really cannot accpet such comments. pls get ur butt from here. thanks.

  3. why are these guys talking about race? :confused:
  4. 老子用中文挨你蛋疼了 装什么逼呢.牛逼你发个视频
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    I know u can read 中文,请从视频上挑问题,不要从语言上挑问题。
  6. 。。。。。。。。 骂的好 此等贱婢 就的这样骂 继续
  7. ge da de bu shi zhong wen..
    shi ji mo
  8. billy 你妈让你回家吃饭
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    xin zeng ge..
    bi sai bu gua ke

    xin chun ge
    si hou man zhuang tai yuan di fu huo
  10. 出来单练啦...牛逼速度...cao
  11. Wo zhi xiang shuo yi ju yong pin ying ting hao de !!! Wo xuan ze wo xi huan jusT do it!!!
  12. Go 打英文干啥oooonb啥
  13. 万恶淫为首 !!!!
    while in well show !!!!(这个太刺激了)
  14. i did have a video. just use the search word up there n do not spoil this thread by saying nothing related to the video.

    i still prefer shock. xD
  15. i ever search your video . I find a surpise your video is all av .i watch your video !! Oh you act very well
  16. haha. nice. indeed i earned a lot through my AV clips in this infamous THEORY 11 website. thanks ya :) if u still want to talk with me, pls pm me. i do not want to spoil this thread just like the way u did. :) have a nice day.

  17. I propose to stop these useless arguments...................
  18. no no you can not say it like this !! I just say it honsetly ! Have you know the emule? I just search you from there .. It is realy well ..

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