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  1. I'm really not sure if we had a tremendous amount. I know we shot a solid 3 minutes of us singing to Boom Boom Pow in Kate's car.

  2. The "allyourdecksarebelongtous" video stood out to me the most.

    The rest were okay, But that one was pure Flash. reminded me of Virtuoso.
  3. ummm no. Thevirts would of pizzownd everyone in this contest.

    All the videos were pretty genaric. Victorious Secret should win, they were better than the rest, but it still wasn't a great flourishing video. Ambroses and Garrys were fun, but they lacked that ummph imo.
  4. fanboy.

    And i said it reminded me of the virts. Didnt say "They were better than them" In any way.
  5. o, I'm sorry, I didn't know stating a fact meant I was a fanboy. Look at my posts jerk-off, I'm not a fanboy.

    Its true. Look at last years CCC. Vids like F501, 48 Dumplings, Jaspas Vs. Bowen. Hell, look 2 years back at the Trilogy contest. those vids were insane. All these are pretty genaric. Not one video is five stars. Garry, Tam and James was enetertaining, as was Ambroses, and Bao, Kat and Mitchells was pretty good, but as I said earlier, there missing that little ummph. For example, take Ambroses vid and change the music, and you automatically have a winner.
  6. I think i'll cry myself to sleep now. Childish name calling reverts me back to my old haunted past of Playground bullying.

    "Jerk-off." What are we, 10?

    Also, Comparing the Virts to a group formed just days ago seems pretty mundane. Use your head.
  7. yeah, because garry, james and tam a have ever flourished together before, let alone made a jam video. Use your own head before telling me to use mine.

    Lets not get this thread locked. You still want to argue, thats what pms are for.

  8. That definitely would have made the video better. I didn't like the video because the music wasn't exciting and the vid got boring for me because of it.
  9. man. stop it. anyone got the rights to tell what in his mind.

    just let's back to the topic :

    AMBROSE!! :D
  10. MEEEEE!! :D

    now we're on topic:cool:
  11. And that's what was on mine. Pardon, but i reckon a negative comment is as welcomed equally as a positive one. Do we live in a world where everyone loves each other? and what are we, 10?

    No one ****s rainbows. And grow up kiddies, Stop ass kissing each other.

    On a more brighter note- i doubt that they're as developed as a group as the Virts. You're not making any sense at all. The virts are clearly set on making money in one way or another in the future, whilst the other group are merely just 'Jamming' so to speak.

    This is probably why the cardistry section is falling to shambles anyways, People ass kissing and afraid to rock the boat.

    What a waste of time.

    Edit: Also Bao, mad respect on your editting skills.
  12. epic lulzzz
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    yea man whatever. just telling you to chill out for a bit. don't jab me. cool2. and i never afraid to rock the ship.

    "now the question is, have you rocked the boat? bcause im on a boat already" -phinisi :D
  14. yeah too bad it wasn't in. that's really tight. :(
  15. I liked them in this order.

    The Directors



  16. Anyone else feel embarrassed by the overly serious/dramatic situations, encounters, themes etc. in many of these videos?

    Is this where we want this art to go? Seems too cultish to advocate new artists, and at the same time dorky and childish.

  17. I don't see how you could feel embarrassed considering it's not even your video. Besides, some of us are merely trying to experiment with different ways to present cardistry videos as opposed to just showing the flourishes, which I think is becoming quite mundane for the most part.

    I know that our CCC submission was melodramatic and didn't produce the desired impact. But I also know that the first time we witnessed a serious/dramatic situation, encounter, theme, etc. in a card flourishing video was in the 3rd place UDCC video. And we were inspired by it.

    If that makes our and other people's videos dorky and childish, then I guess we're all dorky and childish cardists.

  18. The serious videos date back many years before I released our UDCC submission. But I understand your point. Obviously, experimentation is essential to the progress of any art form. But I believe that there is a fine line we have to walk when making serious videos that incorporate our art. It's hit or miss.

    Perhaps the solution to the serious video issue is more elaborate planning. For example, when making the UDCC video, I spent a few weeks discussing possible story lines with the other artists involved in the project. Many videos, especially those outside of this contest, hint at a story but then use it as an excuse to start flourishing. The story should be complete and able to stand alone without the flourishing. Thoughts?

    In more general terms, is it important for us to define a core vision for this art?

    Hopefully this will spark some new thoughts.


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