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Discussion in 'Cardistry & Flourishing Forum' started by MitchellStafiej, Aug 1, 2009.

  1. Hot damn they should let FunwithAces and Luka, Brendan and Spencers videos in. If anything its a disadvantage. They let David Blanch's in. It would definently make the contest much more interesting.

    Whos with me?
  2. Probably no one who is participating in the contest. Haha.
  3. Duh, Crepper knows whats he is talking about, I suggest you inform yourself a little better before you start calling everybody "fanboys" or "kiddies".Calling everybody "kiddes " doesnt makes you sound like a grown man.:rolleyes:

    I totally agree with you, 48 Dumplings is among my all time fav cardistry videos, along with pretty much all the work of either Adam and fiddling steve, ambrose has my respects too, all his work is awesome and he is a pretty cool guy.

    I have only seem a few, but David Pedersen and Garry were very good but I have to see the rest.

    BTW, I dont mean to sound lazy but, fiddling steve didnt submitted a video right? I havent seen him mentioned in here. Or Viet...:confused:
  4. ownage :p

    i also agree with the 48 dumplings vid, favd the escalator thingy :D
  5. mehh

    Dissapointing entries compared to last year:(. still i loved ambrose,ben you and jonathans video, garry's ,tam and james was also good
  6. I think if they let the guys who didn't quite make it in the contest would be much better.
  7. Me neither
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    0:58 of that video made my jaw drop. Flawless.

    Yeah, and im displaying maturity by consistently arguing and rude name calling over an internet forum. Yeah, I think im more mature than the latter.

    Waste of time. And also- why cant you just face the fact? If you think the videos are not 'Up to par' then cancel the whole thing. I think the videos are excellent, but i wasnt around last year to witness the previous CCC- so have no basis for comparison. Basically, if you're complaining that the quality is poor, do something about it.

  9. So you don't know what your talking about?

    What is everyone saying? If you want to argue, do it over pm. Everyone was actually having a nice civilized conversation(Very rare on this forum) before you started arguing with me. You want to argue, send me a pm. As I said earlier, lets not get this thread locked.
  10. Here you go:

    Again, saying that you are mature doesnt makes you mature.

    BTW, hey creeper, shoeman and other guys videos werent accepted? I didnt understood that part, they actually submitted material for the contest?
  11. Its not in the media section, so I guess they didn't submit it in time.
  12. Whoever said i was arguing over who's more mature? what a load of ****. Statements shouldnt be confused with arguments- unless im blatantly debating one point and comparing it with another. Am i speaking another language here?

    Also Creeper, who said were 'arguing' ? If we revert back to the very first post in this thread, i merely stated: (And to quote myself in order to avoid confusion)

    Now unless i live in another dimension, how on earth is that 'arguing' ? By all means, you were the one who started the 'argument' anyways by replying with an irrelevant comment saying (and i quote in order to again avoid confusion)
    I countered that statement by stating that the 'Group' were probably just 'Jamming' and not an official group like Virtuoso. That's like comparing David Blaine/Copperfield to the average kid-who-does-magic Like myself.

    It is simply a no-contest. Ya dig? Get your head outta your ass for starters, cause i see no logic in your 'argument'.

    To point out- Neither of you have actually considered my suggestion earlier, and to add to that- why cant you extend the deadline?
  13. haha I love how you have like a need to prove yourself to forum members. You wanna keep *****ing go ahead, but your beating a dead horse with a stick. Go practice your pandora, its needs some work.
  14. It does actually. needs a lot of work. And not really, i clearly suck at flourishing. (yes, that's blatantly bait for you to bash my noob skills at cardistry, haha)

    Also, you keep avoiding my questions:

    Cant you extend the deadline?

    Why cant you Re-do the competition if its 'not up to par' as last year? Seems like majority of people share your views anyways.


    Also i do know that its not up to you but for Andrei/T11 to decide, but i'd imagine if you hold a poll or something its bound to create attention.
  15. Fine...I'll make a poll... but extending the deadline is not very fair to the people who did it on time, I was just saying for the guys that made vids but couldnt make it in should have their vids put in. David and Steins were put in, I can't see why Luka's and FunwithAces cant be.
  16. Lol, dont feel like you have to- Just a suggestion. There is Logic to my madness.

    Anyways, Outtie.

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    My favorite was AllYourBaseAreBelo. There was some really awesome stuff in there.

    I also liked EXPLODE alot, good editing, good unique moves.

    I liked the moves in VictoriousSecret by the female which her name eludes me at the moment. Wicked original stuff! She needs to give me lessons on that pressure fan. Nice!

    The Kirin moves were ok, I really didn't like the style of the video. To fast and choppy. I felt like there wasn't a complete flourish shown. It was all short bits of 2 handed-cuts, I would have liked to seen longer sequences in this video, maybe a string of moves.

    WeCallItShockEffect was just ok for me. There were some nice moves, nothing really WOWed me though. I was waiting for something to catch my eye, but unfortunately it just didn't do it for me. No disrespect, definitely talented, but it lacked.
  18. Ekatrina is her name, or 'Kate'. Cant remember her last name though, I envy her pressure fan too. i should really work on mine.
  19. I like these video's:
    The Directors--> Not just a show off of flourishes also a short film and cool
    moves = KICK ass

    WeCallItShockEffect--> Nice effect, good editing and sickmoves= Kick ass
    llYourBaseAreBelo--> Nice story,cool moves = also kick ass

    It's a shame that all people just pay attention to the known flourishers since there are some good other flourish video's from unknown flourishers. I hope the jury will not judge to the amount of votes and views. But I'm sure they won't.
    Goodluck everyone.


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