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Discussion in 'Cardistry & Flourishing Forum' started by JD4WG5, Apr 2, 2008.

  1. Who is better Chris Hestnes or Jordan Lapping
  2. Does it matter who is better?..It really comes down to how they have their own style..btw..i think both are great!
  3. Pointless thread.
  4. Yeah.. I have to agree.
  5. Wow. I hope you know I was joking when I wrote that. There both equal but if you want to see them battle then check out there two videos of them.

    Old fism video
    New home video
  6. Well, if you want the honest answer to that, then I would have to say that I think that I am better than BOTH of them put together.....

    Just kidding, Jordan and Chris are both great and there is no saying which one is better.
  7. Hm if the point of this thread is to be either, amusing or pointless, then its not pointless anymore! Since the purpose of being pointless is also a purpose!

    So who is better?! I'd say they are both the best but in different ways. Jordan is really consistant but only does D&D stuff. Chris however does alot of D&D stuff aswell but he also got some cool original things. Sadly he is not as consistant.

    I'd say for laymen Jordan would be best, but for a flourisher Jordan might get boring because he doesn't perform anything new. So Chris might be better if you were a flourisher...
  8. no is really aswering soooo, jordan
  9. Hmm, that’s interesting David. I guess that is somewhat of a good thing though, as it seems to fit with my overall morals – in that I focus more on magic and care very little about flourishing.

    Nevertheless, fascinating topic guys, LOL. :)

    Warm regards,
  10. Haha, always fun to read Jordan's posts.

    Because I'm more familiar with Jordan's material I'd have to go with him... Although this thread is honestly a waste of time.
  11. Magic wise, Jordan. Flourishing wise, Chris.
  12. that's what SHE said!
  13. HAHA! I think I got that one.
  14. I never got thats what SHE said?
  15. Nor did I -- I'm a little confused to say the least. Anyone care to elaborate? :)

  16. How about Chris and Jordan together? (that's what she said btw...), coming sometime this century...
  17. Chris is better, and so is Jordan. Logic simply won't work on a subject like this.
  18. Coming '06 .... oh wait.

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