Classic Pass Mastered ???

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  1. Hi evrybody i dont wanna talk to much
    here is the link hope u will enjoy
    ps : please give me feedback what do you think
    have tipps other grip,cover motions ... ect.
    please write back :D cheers,

    -Georg B.
  2. Read some literature on the pass. Particularly Dai Vernon's ideas that the pass should be made the second the hands come together.
  3. very nniccee :D
  4. I see something happening and its not the pass. In the video your hands aren't consistent, yes you can do the actual pass really well but the 'moves' you do around the pass take too long. For instance the second pass you do starts at 0.19 and ends at 0.40 with card return at 0.24. You can't spend 15-16 seconds doing one sleight and over proving that everything is dandy before you show a card. The same consistent rhythm and motions are needed for each pass, let your muscle memory do the work, this way you will show less mistakes.
  5. I don't know how you want us to critique your classic pass when all you seem to be doing is distract and delay.

    You do too much and its very distracting and draws a lot of attention to your hands.

    Again, I don't know what you want us to say when you have your top hand obstructing the top of the deck. You could be doing anything.

    Less is more. Seriously.
  6. The pass is a tool to either restore a deck to order after a cut, or to bring a certain card to the top, in a move that is so very quick that it is difficult to believe anything has taken place. It can be done with only a moment's misdirection.

    Framing the pass with 20 seconds of toying with the deck, turning it every which way, springing it, riffling it, seems to defeat the purpose of the move. Why spend so much time practicing a move so that it takes place in a fraction of a second if you're going to frame it with a dozen moves that could be used to cover the action?

    You should also think twice about labeling anything you learn as "mastered". If you've mastered something that means you have nothing left to learn about it. If you decide you've mastered something, you're robbing yourself the opportunity of learning anything further about it.
  7. Honestly, you don't need a pass that's "picture perfect." As long as you have it down above decent level and some misdirection, boom, you're golden. I'll use the other night as an example, I was doing a sandwich routine for two people at the fair, they were sitting and I was standing. I had the card returned to the deck, and dribbled the rest of the cards on top. I look at them and say "Now, I'm not going to find your cards, the kings are, could you hand me the kings please?" As soon as I said "Now" I looked at them and their eyes were glued to mine. *Pass* Bam. Work's done. I proceed to produce the card and they were floored. I didn't riffle a ton before, I didn't move left and right. I held the deck the same way, got a break, and once they looked away I did it. Does it matter if my pass isn't perfect at that moment? No, it doesn't, because their eyes were not anywhere near the deck, and they had no idea if any move took place. Obviously if you're pass is super crappy, keep practicing. But if you have it where it's fairly quick and you don't fumble the cards a lot, all you need is to get them to look up, it's that simple.

    All that being said, if you did your pass in my situation, they probably would've suspected something. All that toying is very unnecessary. Just look at them, say something, and get their attention. Then do a pass without a massive amount of riffling and noise, and you're good.

  8. I agree, but I don`t think it`s that simple. You don`t need to have an absolute perfect pass. But it is essential in these situation that the pass isn`t seen out of the corner of one's eye! They may not seen the pass or the change, but that something happens. Therefore, as you say, it`s not good to let them look in your eyes and fumbling with the deck because from the corner of their eye`s they will still see (and maybe hear) something.
    Tyler Erickson talks about this in his audiolog about the pass. He says that you should make it invisible from the corner of someones else`s eyes.
  9. oh come on.....I think his pass is perfect...if I could do it like that I would be proud and absolutly satisfied!

    Looks really really good and I think a layman wouldn`t see anything happend!
  10. You shouldn't ever use that word...

    No, your pass isn't perfect. No one's is.

    Technically, it is good. As others have said, it could be improved by less padding. Get it done with a small covering action if need be, although Misdirection is the best covering action. I know this is difficult for a video, but keep that in mind when performing with this move.
  11. thanks for your help :) in will try new and than i upload
  12. YES your right but i dont say at any time that my pass is perfect? i just ask if i mastered the technice and if I can fool some one even if he know that im doing a pass thats all :) btw of course i use misdirection but hey its the internet i just want to show my little skills^^
    when i performing to real people mostly i dont burn the pass i misdirect them .
    but thanks for your comment what your write is right but i think is not match to my question i ask.
    -Georg B.
  13. thanks you very much im very proud that u say that but i keep try better ;)
    -Georg B.
    ps: if you like the video you can u can subscribe to me videos . i have flourish and magic stuff there.
  14. i spend so much time for the move becuase i love sleight of hand and its fun to practise ;)
    and with misderection i can even hold the break and bring with a simple cut to the top
    -Georg B.

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