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Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by ryanbliss, Sep 13, 2008.

  1. first off let me just say the effect


    a card is selected, signed and a corner is ripped off. the torn corner then vanishes and reapears wherever you desire. no dupes


    the method is extremely easy. after watching it i immediately realized the practicality of the effect. the fact that the corner that appears wherever you want IS the Actuall peice from the torn card is amazing. there is only one part of the trick you may have to practice. it gave me no problem but some may wish to work on it.


    daniel does a good job teaching the trick. he is very layed back. the whole expanation only takes a couple of minuts but thats all the time you need to learn it. watch it once and thats it. i can pretty much guaruntee you wont need to watch it twice.


    because the effect is so simple, it really leaves more time for the presentation. you can also come up with additional ideas using the method. just think. if you could really make a torn corner vanish in the MOST clean way with no sleeves or anything, and have it appear WHEREVER you wanted, what would you do? it leaves so much more for the imagination. i showed the effect to a few peaple and all of them really loved it.


    overall, i give this effect a 9/10 i know that seems high, but for the amount of money it costs, and the bang factor you get from it. i think it is an amazing piece of magic that your spectators will remember. by far one of the best 1 on 1 downloads on the site.
  2. I wonder why not a 10 / 10?
  3. The effect is great, but it is definitely not perfect.
  4. What are the limitations? I don't want to know the method; I just want to know exactly what I will be able to do with this.
  5. you are only limited by your imagination.
  6. Seriously? So I could put the piece into someone I had never met's mouth? Or their bra?
  7. yes. if you use your imagination. bwahahaha!
  8. No you can't
  9. Didn't think so.
  10. Like, do you have to take it out of the place where the item is found, or is it already there when the spectator looks for it? Does it have to be in the immediate area, or a stone's throw away, or is across the city okay? Things like that.
  11. You can reveal it pretty much wherever you want, you can reveal it or your spectator can find it. Be realistic though... Someone's mouth is just ridiculous... although maybe not that ridiculous if you don't mind being seriously traditional.

    Across the city would be an awesome idea... to reveal it in someone's house on the other end of the phone or something... but then you wouldn't be able to verify that the piece actually matched up... Does that make sense?

    - Sean
  12. honestly it could be in another country, although that wouldn't make for a very good effect... but you can make it appear on a spectator if your good like that. You never have to handle the corner once it vanishes
  13. Stooge?

    I guess what I'm asking is if the method is something I can easily come up with myself.
  14. no no no no stooge... ... ... you prolly wouldn't think of this at all. There are no dupes, stooges, or anything like that. It's wicked easy and the secret is brilliantly simple but you would never think of it. I say buy it. It's amazing. I use it all the time.
  15. Is it instant?
  16. Here is the question that will answer every question about this trick: Do have to have been to or seen the place you are sending the card before you do it?

    Please don't answer if it is exposure.
  17. Ah, yes.

  18. Guys,

    At the end of the day, what you see with Angle Zero, as well as what is mentioned in its provided description, is what you get. Let's be careful not to ask questions that -- whether intended or not -- "dig away" or accidently reverse engineer the effect. Legitimate inquires, of course, are welcome, but at the same time, if they could lead to exposure should not be answered.

    That said, Angle Zero is probably my favorite effect from Dangerous Volume I -- and, for me, is worth the price of the DVD alone. You can essentially make the torn card appear anywhere -- but, as a side note, has anyone been able to make it reappear on Mars yet? ;)

  19. Michael Ammar has....

    Anyway, I highly recommend getting this 1 on 1. Its easy and awesome.

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  20. It can be delayed, or instant. The quicker the better...

    I performed it for my pastor, and when he asked me where the corner went, I told him he would find it soon enough. Later, when he was giving his message, he found it in his Good Book :)

    There's millions of ways to do this. $5 is nothing for this effect.


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