Complete Review for Angle Zero by Daniel Madison

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  1. not their mouth but their bra yes
  2. Wait, so if given the chance to get into a woman's bra... you guys would stick a card piece in there? :p
  3. Cut 'em some slack, they are just a bunch of nerdy magicians. :rolleyes:

    Ok, I got DANGEROUS today. So here it is: I can't put the card into their bra, or their mouth, or send it over the phone. There are some serious limitations to what you can do, but it's a great trick any way.

    Good luck!
  4. I wouldn't recommend it, but there's no reason why you couldn't make it appear in some poor woman's underwear... :p

    If you want any tips on the effect, PM me, I've done a fair amount of work on it.

  5. Yes. Yes I have. Going to call my bluff?
  6. Can the card piece be signed?
  7. Yes, the selected card can be signed, but the corner piece cannot.

    But remember this, the corner piece is the SAME piece from start to end.

    Angle Zero is probably one of my most strongest effects in my gets killer reactions.

    A thumbs up from me.

  8. Actually, with enough practice this effect can be completly impromptu. I have done it many times with a borrowed deck. So, theoretically you could get it in their mouth (my guess is to use food as an aide), or their bra (for that I'm pretty sure you'd have to be Danny Garcia).
  9. I'm sure you could create a handling for it to be signed...
    for instance, if you used a signed card from a previous trick that you kept in the deck...

    I like to make the piece appear in someone's pocket. :D
  10. My favorite appearance of the corner is as a

    ctw-a card to impossible location + a card through window


    on a necklace around my neck (which was, which I believe, was the 'original' version of Angle Zero known as Execution in his e-book Two)

  11. Actually, dm does tell you that they can sign it, but the part that gets torn cant
    (obviously). Ive had them sign it before, but its not really a good addition to the effect. (Its so good by itself, that it really doesnt have to be signed.)
  12. bra, maybe, mouth, no
  13. Stop digging. It's a great effect, but be practical. We're magicians, and that means we do magic. Not miracles.

    If you know anything about magic, you know that if a trick is impromptu, you aren't going to be sending anything to Mars.

    Most likely.
  14. I personally love Daniel Madison's approach of it appearing on the clock hand and the line "Did you see the moment where it went back it time?" I performed this recently for my friend's mother with the clock ending and the line at the end and she nearly fainted! Seriously, good stuff!
  15. agreed. a totally great effect. genius method.

  16. Hey boys

    i performed this sarrounded by hmmm what 50 wedding guests i performed this on the groom vanished the corner and pretended to throw the piece into his suit jacket breast pocket...... i asked him to reach in but nothing....then i asked him to walk over to the wedding cake and pick himslef up off the cake(minature figure) and take a peek inside of the jacjet and inside yes you guessed it was the torn quater.

    thats just an example of the milage you get on this thing everyone wsd astounded i perfomed many things that night including the ultimate anniversery by doc eason but this got the biggest reaction by a mile
  17. Very, very smart of you. That is very inspiring and thanks for sharing! This is truly a lesson on using your environment to its maximum potential.
  18. Does this trick have a gimmick or any difficult slights...also could I make this appear in someone's tight jeans pockets or can it even go in a impossible place like if a girl her bra or backpack or some crazy place like that or under thier foot. So wrapped up is thier gimmicks and can it goes impossible places?
  19. No gimmick or difficult sleights. Making it appear on someone depends on your pickpocketing skills.
  20. Just the dm corner stuff?

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