Control Release Party

Man this sucks last time I was up there it was for the Distortion party. Anybody know of a bus or something that can take me up there and back? I know that there is a train that goes into Sacramento, so if I could get a ride from the train station that would be awesome.

I might be able to get a ride up to the shop, but I may need to take the train home if that happens. Is it possible that somebody could give me a ride to the train station if there are no buses in the town?


For a non-refundable ticket on it is $34 from San Francisco to Sacramento.

Aug 31, 2007
Sweet man, I was the Red Haired guy.

Can't wait:D

Also I might sound kinda dorky but I can do every other flourish fine, except the carnahan witch if you wouldn't mind but maybe help me with it?

no problem, i dont have the closing of the fan down yet. =(

i am currently working on pandora so mayyB u could help me.


Aug 31, 2007
“It’s the truth…It’s actual. Everything is satisfactual” - zippity doo dah

Wayne Houchin will be at Grand Illusions on February 2nd at 3PM. Wayne is driving down to show us how he can stop his heart, to autograph some DVDs, and to generally be his very cool self. Come over anytime, we open at 10am and close at 6pm.
You can see details on this and other cool Grand Illusions events by checking our Google Calendar:

Did I mention that there will be cake?

- SJ

PS: Thanks xXMajiqXx for the initial post. Looking forward to seeing you and your dad! :D

thnx for this steve!~


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