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  1. I go to an accelerated high school where kids earn credits and graduate at their own pace. The school consists of two hallways and 191 kids. When someone graduates, they stand at the end of the hallway with all the other students and teachers along the side of the hallway in front of them, cheering them on.

    I should be graduating before the end of January and this is my plan. When I stand at the end of that hallway with everyone before me, cheering for me I want to do this: Have a white shirt underneath my collared button up shirt with it unbuttoned. Move the button up out of the way to show the white tee shirt. Everyone's eyes will be on me. I turn around for a split second, and when I turn back around, my shirt has changed into a "Class of 2011" shirt! Then, I will walk the two hallways!

    What do you guys think?
  2. Very nice touch to a special occasion. People will remember that.
  3. That is what I am hoping for! I will have it video'd as well
  4. Good because people will want to see it again.
  5. At the end of every report card period, they have an assembly with all the kids where they give rewards and they show bits of the students who graduated doing that walk. When they have the assembly after my graduation, they will probably play that, and then I will have my own copy of the video
  6. Dude they're going to make that the finale.
  7. i was gonna ask if you go to marry grimes. lol i live in dallas and they do that at the school i went to. but nope you live in a diff city. That is a great idea for an awesome achievement. Congrats
  8. sounds flippin sweeet.
  9. i've got a t-shirt with a massive raven on it. and a friend of mine always sings this stupid bird named enza. she opened the window and in-flu-enza... i've expressed distaste before, so once i get dresscode, learn it, and then wear it the t-shirt, i'm gonna swap out t-shirts when she sings the song..HA!
  10. This was an old rhyme sung by kids from the time of the influenza outbreak around 1918, if memory serves correctly.
  11. Don't mind if I steal your idea... We don't really have a parade down a hall or anything, but at the end of the year, we have a talent show, and I could at the end of my magic act, change my shirt to say Class of 2011....
  12. Sweet man I don't mind! Go for it! :)

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