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Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by jpmorganjeromy, Jun 10, 2008.

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  1. Ok, due to all of these constant arguments that lead to nowhere, I'm closing this thread.


  2. LOL, the funniest thing ever is. I will still order the manuscript and when i wake up tommorrow will order it.

    P.S. i just wanted to know others opinion on it. LOL soooo many people wrote about this thing and just went back 10 pages of the forum to see if they had this many replies and couldn't find on that had that many replies.

    What can i say, im magic?
  3. Honestly, I'm not surprised mods didn't close this earlier, they were probably laughing their [Enter family safe word here] off.

  4. 1. There are like 7 threads in this section alone with more posts. Don't feel special.
    2. The entire thread is people calling you an idiot. Don't feel special.
    3. You changed your arguments about 50 times, you showed just how ignorant you are, and basically everyone now hates you. Don't feel special.
  5. aww but i love you buddy.
  6. yes, go on the defensive.

    wait wtf, i thought i close this thread?
  7. I feel this conversation has become a battle of egos and witty remarks, so I just want to say, before it all gets lost in translation (hmm? that doesnt sound right), I mean, before it gets lost in this pile of "MY FRIED RICE IS BETTER THAN YOURS!!! STUPID NEWB"

    Most people would agree, DVDs have made learning magic easier, in many various aspects. However, I feel that the majority of the people posting would like the original poster to agree with the fact that, regardless of the popularity of DVDs, manuscripts, lecture notes, books, etc.. are still extremely viable learning mediums. Sure, it might take some a bit more time to be able to visualize the effect, slight, flourish, etc.. (I for one had to read through dMs notes several times), but learning magic from a book was possible before, and it is still possible now, even though we have new mediums to learn from.
  8. Dude, I'm not siding with JP, but he's trying to let it go, so let it be.

  9. Witty Remarks are the fountain of youth. How dare thee question my source of power.
  10. amen.

    and p.s. vote for obama
  11. Its all about the dedication.

    Reading in today's society is a major turn-off for most people. Only the true dedicated magician who go as far as...(OMG) reading a book would go far.

    It also turns off most youtube exposers because they generally only expose the mainstream magic thats easy to do.

    oh, and my grilled cheese sandwhich
  13. Guys, this thread is closed!
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  15. This thread has been a derailment since the first post, I'm just here for the ride into the cliffside ;)

    PS: My fried rice is better, it's real :D *nom nom nom*

    PPS: Thread doesn't look very closed :p
  16. the secret to the fried rice is how you prepare the rice, how long you cook the vegetables, the amount you fry the rice, and how you prepare and add the egg.
  17. lol that was funny, im just here for the ride into the cliffside lol. That is basically the sum of this thread. its been fun and its totally amazing how many truly did have an interesting point to make. May peace be with all of you:)
  18. Well you obviously didn't. Zing.
  19. Through all the ignorance and arrogance thank you for finally 'Ending this'. Now, for the love of God, please close this thread.


    P.S. As stated before, I will fight you over my rice.
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