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Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by jpmorganjeromy, Jun 10, 2008.

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  1. There's no reason to start insulting people. If your going to dish out the heat you have to be able to take it back in. You gave your opinion let others give theirs. If your going to start an argument/debate you have to keep control and not personally insult others. Have a mature argument. No reason to get upset.

    Also, my opinion is that, all the classic magicians, Chris Kenner, David Copperfield, even going back to houdini learned from books or created their own tricks. And if you want to be the best you can be you must attend lectures and meet personally with those you aspire to be. You can't be lazy and expect videos to come to your doorstep and then expect to know it instantly, it requires hours and hours of work. Not only at your house with a deck of cards but all over the world. I personally am excited about this manuscript and can't wait to get it. (when I get the money.)
  2. its not that im immature by any means. If your getting on my psychological level i guess i just realize where i am in life, value my time and realize what im worth an hour and just WOULD RATHER A DVD. I guess my own self esteem is too much for some people.
    Also i think you should realize people who perform realize the important of confidence. and my opinion counts to me, if you don't like it, im sorry but where i work, it matters when im making the big decisions.
  3. your exactly right. It takes many many hours to perfect the sleights so why make it more difficult? And i don't mean the sleights for amateurs so they can butcher effects. it takes hours and hours of time to do this. If you have the ability to make it easier for some people. It should be available that way is all i mean by that. I just don't have the time to read a manuscript and work on difficult sleights for me personally its easier for it to be on dvd. Lectures are a visual learning experience and appreciate that, i just wish it was on dvd, so i could see them performed in real time, not by pictures.
  4. Learn to read.

    You're obviously being the lazy one being illiterate and just counting on DVDs to help you out. I can assure you that most astounding sleights and effects are in books.
  5. owned. :)....
  6. There is a big difference between high self esteem and arrogance. You sir, are have the latter. For someone with so little time to spend the whole extra 3 minutes learning from a manual, you seem to have a lot of time to sit on a forum, arguing with people about how super important you are and how much you work. For all we know you run the photocopier in the basement.

    You didn't start with saying "I like Smooth Operations, but due to my busy lifestyle I would have preferred a DVD" as stated before, you started screaming and wailing like a child, claiming that all those involved were lazy and scamming everyone by only releasing a manual and not a DVD. Then you start insulting people when they tell you to stop being an ass.

    PS: For someone so educated, you don't seem to articulate yourself very well at all, and you don't even follow simple rules of grammar such as not starting sentences with and. I'm no grammar nazi, especially on the internet, but for someone touting how important they are, you certainly come across as a 13 year old kid throwing a hissy fit rather than what you claim to be.
  7. ok eddie. Show me your most amazing trick on some kind of site that you can video tape it. Showing me the book you learned it in. and i want to watch you perform it with some kind of actual skill with a deck of cards. I challenge you.
  8. what i claim to be is who i am, think my name for the past few years on the internet is jpmorganjeromy for my health, its because my life revolves around my job. I am sorry you find that hard to believe. But your opinion means little if any at all. my grammar, well its the internet, im sorry i have not made your day and im not writing reports for a real world job. but this is funny to me to watch you all act like your pros at magic and everything you all learned is from books. to me its ridiculous that you all think its better that its in a book rather then in a dvd format.
  9. I have nothing to prove to you. Also, unlike you and most people who posts videos... I actually PRACTICE before I post a video. I am working on most of my routines which were IN BOOKS and not ready to be on camera.
    Also if you look around, you will see most good effects are actually in books.
  10. Ok, I am going to try and be objective here.

    Your main points:
    -It is easier to learn from a DVD than a Manuscript
    -Learning from a manuscript takes more time.
    -Someone who works hard (REGARDLESS of the size of their company and how much money they make) doesnt have much free time, thus a DVD would be a preferred choice.
    -Magic today is different from before, and if we have the means to produce DVDs, then we should.

    ok, I tend to agree with the first 3. However, none of these were appropriately addressed in your original post. You kind of mentioned the fact that it is easier to learn from a DVD, but you mentioned the fact secondly to bashing and disrespecting kevin, DnD.

    Then, you somehow feel it is relevent to throw job titles and yearly salaries at us? Which by the way, is why you were called immature.

    And as a final point, and hopefully, even though you are probably all riled up due to this BBS discussion, you should be able to agree with the fact that, Kevin, DnD are aware of the fact that DVDs present an easier learning environment, but that their decision to NOT release a DVD from the offset was a decision that wasnt made rashly, or for devious purposes to milk more money from their fans. They know that some people will opt to wait for a possible future DVD, but decided there would be enough fans who would go for the manuscript, and actually, be quite grateful for the fact that Kevin decided to go ahead and release it.

    Not everyone can be pleased from every business decision. Peoples' various circumstances will not coincide with the outcome, yet, we need to remain a certain degree of tact when we question those decisions. And someone with an MBA, who is working at the 2nd largest financial company in the world, should be aware of this.

    I for one apologize for my various condecending remarks, its just the inner creative writer in me coming out (which you can see if you go to http://www.eigodame.jp although it is in Japanese teehee).
  11. Well Vernon always said, if you want to hide something, put it in print.
    That's why most of the good stuff (or I might add best stuff) is still only found published in books and magazines.
    You say it's hard to learn a hard sleight from a book? All it takes is a little imagination. In fact, I think learning the sleight from a book is a wonderful thing.
    When you learn something from a book or magazine, you have to visualize what the trick is going to look like in your mind therefore there is no set image of what it should be like which would just limit your routine.

    For example, check out By forces unseen by Ernest Earick. It's packed full of interesting sleights and pretty much everyone that read it and does maybe say....
    a broadside center steal has a different handling of it (the people i've met anyway), but it still looks phenomenal.

    Get off your chair and start reading....
    for God's sakes....its only 60 pages.....full of PICTURES...
    If you don't wanna read then don't buy it. It was obviously not meant for you then. Quit your whinin'
  12. No Filth, I believe THIS is the definition of OWNED.

  13. Ok, I was giving you the benefit of the doubt, but this is just plain ignorant. Now you're claiming that you can't learn from books and actually be a skilled card handler. This is just plain perposterous, you sir are an idiot if you don't know that all the magician's you see on your beloved DVD's learned their skills from books or made them up themselves.

    I don't think any magician worth a grain of salt would say "I've never learned anything from a book". Trolling around and declaring challenges is certainly not a very nice way to act, how about you post a video of your fantasic DVD only skills, blowing us mere mortals with our books out of the water, and then we can go back to conversation.
  14. i have never addressed my salary, what i make is not relevant nor is the topic of discussion and that is what i have stated.
  15. Damn. (word count?) :p

  16. ...And this is his comeback.

    Okay everyone let's wrap it up... I hope I don't get owned as much as this guy did. Hopefully he will understand and actually read these helpful posts and understand his ignorance.
  17. tokyo, i appreciate your writings. Your opinion is noted and appreciated. you are correct on my main points. Also on the last remark, i basically am just questioning the fact, why did you make a manuscript rather then a dvd? Then also seeing how others felt on the opinion as well on dvds against books. but i appreciate everything you have said and that is why i have continued to read and continue with the forum. :)
  18. i think the only reason tricks look better and stronger on DVD than on books because you actually see a performance and the build up, but in a book you don't.
    so its wrong for you to say that tricks on dvds are stronger.

    i personally think that turning on a dvd player and fast forwarding is alot more time consuming than flipping to a page you want to see.

    i don't see what wrong with books and why your going crazy and challenging ppl to death matches and duels. your very immature for a 20 year old man, which i doubt you even are.

    and you say there is no strong magic in writing? the bucks made pdfs on their magic that is on the trilogy now, there is an example.

    p.s. what is wrong with you?
  19. wow so many people do not take what i say. I never said i have never learned anything from a book. I said when you learn difficult sleights from a book, basically they become mutations of the sleights because its hard to learn all the nuances of the sleight.
  20. HAHAHA, sorry. My job requirees me to write student progress reports. This semester I have around 80 students, and I am required to write about a page per student. Thus, this week, I have basically written an 80 page paper, where every page uses practically the exact same phrases and expressions, yet worded slightly differently so that I don't get in trouble for copy and pasting.

    Right now, words just seem to flow freely from my fingers =).
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