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Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by jpmorganjeromy, Jun 10, 2008.

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  1. Why do people still write books and novels when they could make films and dvds? perhaps all writers should become film makers, and every piece of written word should be burnt to clear the way for the dvd revolution, and reading should just become a distant memory of something people did before dvds
  2. I'm not being like, um, rude or anything but, On the SLEIGHT chance, and I'm talking very sleight, that DnD or Kev. didn't have a camera to film with and didn't want to spend 600$ plus on a camera they may or may not use again and they just may have rather done it in a manual.

  3. I just can't believe that for the last 100 years of magic, magicians have learned from books. Yet his is boldly claiming that all these magicians must suck because DVD's are the superior format and the only way to learn magic.

    There is a big difference between a preference/opinion and what jpmorganjeromy is stating. One being something useful, an argument that could lead to a possible, logical and useful debate. Perhaps, "Which do you learn from better, Books or DVDs?" to show how the new technology offered to newer aged magicians has allowed easier acess to easier to learn from material. But no, instead we get trolling, carring on, and plain ignorance.

    I'm procrastinating, and I still can't be bothered continuing this discussion. Perhaps I'll go back to my medicore mundane job compared to working at JP MORGAN and leave the fundamentalist DVD believer to his conspiracy theories.
  4. What's so bad about "mutations"(wtf?) or "variations" on a sleight? If it achieves the same purpose, why should it matter?
    If you can not comprehend what the manuscript is saying, read it over and over until you get it. Or go back to Elementary school and re-learn how to read and focus on words.
  5. um no its not an example. because the stuff later CAME ON DVD, SUCH AS THE TRILOGY. YOUR MISSING THE POINT, read before you state the issues. But i guess same with politics you vote who looks the best at the momment, never the real issues that are taking place in our world. Its just i guess i will vote for Mr. McCain because i think hes best for the country.
  6. yes, but you need to read carefully, and there are even pictures, so even a ten year old can understand.
  7. Awesome. Not sure why but I'm like, laughing uncontrollably.

  8. Once back when I went to a Christian school, I got "Jesus has excelled across all areas of the school curriculum". Then at my highschool I got a copy and paste from another students, and the teacher didn't even change the name :p Least you put effort into the reports :)
  9. IM STATING THAT DIFFICULT SLEIGHTS /CUTS are difficult to LEARN FROM A BOOK/MANUSCRIPT... and if you think that these sleights and cuts were happening all the time in these wonderful books of yours. SHOW ME. because no they are new to everyone/meaning in the past 20 years or so. Yes there is strong magic obviously, thats what our tricks are based on now. But sleights and these fabulous cuts were all learning from D&D themselves have started by seeing them on dvd, YES I KNOW they were in manuscript first, but now they are on dvd and are making us all smile with happiness. lol
  10. Anyone see the irony in this?
  11. lol yes.

    lets get killed in a meaningless war.
  12. Obaba ftw. :p

  13. You dont seem to understand that almost everything on the Trilogy had been previously released on D&D's lecture notes; Nursery Rhymes 1-2-3, Five and Slieghtly Magical. Please stop polluting this forum with ignorance, I think we're all sick of stating the obvious here. They were added on DVD as a bonus, just because they are available on both formats does not invalidate the book format.
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    Word.(s). (Word Count?)


    EDIT: P.S. 111 posts =P.

  15. Yes reading helps. lol that was cause im laughing too hard and trying to write all of these replies. i feel special look how many replies we have about this, its amazing lol. D&D should be very proud of starting this revolution. Maybe im wrong, maybe more people like books rather then DVDS. I guess i should retort my statement.
    Just when learning really difficult moves that obviously take hours of practice, i just feel it would be easier on dvd. for everyone else love the chat, and goodnight all. this was an entertaining night for me.
  16. Ok, I have the key to this discussion, and I am sure that everyone will agree, that ....


    wait for it...


    Everyone will agree that, no matter how many times you eat Sushi, the texcture of Maguro (tuna), uni (sea urchin) and ika (squid) will never dissappoint you. Its just one of those simple life pleasures that will always make you smile!! I thank you mr. original sushi chef man!!
  17. :) Books hate I. True kinda that's, yeah.
  18. There were so many replies because people just couldn't help but feel sorry for you and your total ignorance. It's like a bleeding sheep, bleeting for help, we couldn't help ourselves but try and get some sense into you regardless of how futile our attempts were. This was not a debate about which is preferal learning from DVD's or learning from books. You flat out said that books were useless, and anyone that learned from books is a crap magician. You may as well stated that 2 + 2 = 5, that fact is so untrue.
  19. one last thing lol. it does not invalidate the books, but i am pretty sure the trilogy was the number one sold magic dvd, EVER. so if it was sooo easy for all those years that it was in writing, why did so many people need to go buy the dvd? Or maybe im right in stating its easier to learn on dvd, also do to us all seeing it on dvd / and all the little boys and girls out their seeing how neato it looks, now were learning all those fabulous moves. Its just easier on dvd, plain and simple. im surprising this many people have written about it.
  20. :p. Thanks. Please forward talk.

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