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Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by jpmorganjeromy, Jun 10, 2008.

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  1. i would obviously have to disagree with you, because i have never seen a forum take off such as this one, its one for the record books. Sad book i agree but still everyone wanted their voice to be heard, hopefully its the same in the election.
  2. Ok, that just confused the HECK outta me.

  3. You obviously don't visit forums very often. When someone starts a thread making bold ignorant claims, people generally jump down their throats pretty quickly before some poor unsuspecting person can wander in an believe the junk they are spewing :D

    PS: This forum needs more mods to lock down threads faster :p
  4. unholygod how old are you, im guessing 17, no older then 20 i bet
  5. Umm. Yes. Hi. Still confused lol. :p

  6. it doesn't really matter, this is taking up too much time. appreciate everyone it has been fun, goodnight and goodluck.
  7. What does age have to do with anything? I could be 5, 15, 25 or 50. Wouldn't change the fact that your arguments are wrong, and you have had an entire forum thread telling you to stop being ignorant for almost 10 pages, and now people are just screwing with you because if you can't help stupid people, you may as well laugh at them.
  8. Actually I'm not. Probably a good thing you're a card magician and not a mentalist ;) According to your logic, I am whatever I say I am, not how I portray myself. So I can be any age I want :) Which basically means stating my age is superfluous. Because if you are guaging my age on my behaviour, then I can guage your age by your behaviour. Putting you at about, 12-13.

    PS: I thought this thread had finally died, is it ever going to be closed? You got my hopes up on like page 5, and it's kept going.
    This thread even took the fun out of being a smart ***. :(
  9. Hey everyone,

    I just read read through about 75% of the topic, lots of pages and big posts and I have a math exam tomorrow so, I'm stretched on time, which is why I haven't seen/responded sooner.

    But, the first, 6 pages were great points on both sides and no one really crossed the line and was a great debate on books and DVD's. But, then onwards it got rather off-topic.

    In the future if you want a topic closed report the thread or a specific post that way when us Mod's check our e-mail we see the specific thread and post right away and don't have to comb through every new thread by hand seeing if bad stuff is going on. We are only human.

    Since so many people have I asked I will close this thread. If you have any questions or concerns contact me or any other staff member regarding this topic,
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